Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Our World , Their War

I choose to protect the world from the decepticons .

Autobot , transform and roll out !

I choose to transform to Sideswipe . 

with the beautiful design of the car and fast speed , i will definitely have more advantage than others . 

Corvette Stingray in car mode , sleek , sexy , concept model car with fast speed . So , it is the right car for me to save the world. A hero must have a cool and fast car right ? 


When on autobot mode , i am very flexible with my wheels , i can kill in any angle . And most important is i'm fast , i just roll with my wheel and kill with a fast speed . 

Moreover , i have 2 big cybertanium sword and cannon gun . My weapon is more than enough to kill . And i attack with melee combat and  will employ any maneuver it takes to get close enough to the enemy to use my arm-mounted Cybertanium swords.My tactics are merciless and i am utterly unapologetic about this war, after all, war is messy.

So , i will need plan to defeat Decepticon and protect the world . I have 2 plan , plan A and plan B

For plan A  , i will need to recruit some people into my team . When i say people , i mean people with strong power . 

Yes , i will need the 'Superman' of United States , Barack Obama . I will try to persuade him to join me in the team to protect the world from Decepticon . I will need him to be our leader to track down the Decepticon . He is intelligent , and i believe he have his good strategy , tactics , and great knowledge and skill to track down the Decepticon and defeat them.

Next , i will need to persuade the U.S Army to join me in the team to protect the world from Decepticon . 

I need the U.S Army as they have the perfect skill . tactics , and strategy for war . U.S Army also have the spirit of fight till the end . Other than that , i will also need the U.S Army to train my team more war strategy , tactic and skill to enable us to fight the Decepticon .

Next , i will need to persuade CIA to join my team in protect the world from Decepticon . 

With the CIA intelligence , they sure can easily track down where is the location of the Decepticon one by one . CIA will also be able to analyse the Decepticon tactic , strategy , and war skill for us , the autobots . 

Next , i will persuade FBI to join my team to protect the world from Decepticon as well . 

With the awesome skill and shots from FBI , the Decepticon will surely be killed and be defeated . And i will need the FBI face recognition technology to trace and recognize all the Decepticon look .  

Lastly , i will also persuade NASA to join my team to protect the world from Decepticon . 

As the Decepticon is appear in the moon , i will sure need NASA to help me identify all the Decepticon , and the only way is to send a spaceship with astronouts to identify and track down the Decepticons in the moon . I will also need every detail of the Decepticon to put a good fight with them . 

That's my plan A to protect the world from Decepticon . If my plan A failed , which are i failed to persuade Barack Obama , CIA , FBI , and NASA to join my team ,  i will got to use plan B which is the back up plan to fight the Decepticon by my own with my own autobots team . However , i will need some informotion and weapon . 

Firstly , i will use the  Ultimate Movie Card . 

What is so special with this card ? This card can become any organization or agent card by just scanning it to the company barcode. So , i can easily transform this card to a CIA agent card , and i will sneak into the CIA to stole every Decepticons information the CIA have . Again , this ultimate card act as a cip too , so i will store every information into this card. I believe all the information will be able to help us in fighting the Decepticon . 

Next , i will need as many weapon as i can as i am in a war . Thus , i will wear my invisibility cloak and sneak into FBI to stole as many weapon as i can . All the weapon will be in a good use to fight and defeat the Decepticon . Why stole from FBI ?  because FBI will definitely have the best weapon.

My invisibility cloak . 

Next , i will need some information from NASA . Thus , i will use Shrink Ray Gun to shrink myself into a super small size , and then sneak into the NASA to search and store every information they have about the location of the Decepticon in the moon and their activities  into the ultimate card. 

My Shrink Ray Gun 

After i obtain all this information and weapon , i will plan an ambush to attack the Decepticon . First , i will install the invisibility option into my Corvette Stingray . So , i will drive to the location of the Decepticon with the invisibility option . Thus , nobody will be able to track and trace my location . 

My invisibility option for my Corvette Stingray will be something like this .

Lastly , i will drink Polyjuice Potion to be one of the Decepticon robot . I will drink Polyjuice Potion to transform to Megatron . Then , i will blend into the Decepticon and will confused them to kill the real Megatron , own people kill own people , which give me an easier job to no need to kill Megatron myself . After Megatron been killed , i will be Megatron and will ask all other Decepticon to become the good one , to join me together with autobot to protect the world . Whichever Decepticon who unwilling to do so , i will kill them . 

With all the plan above , i believe that i will be able to protect the world from Decepticons . I will be able to kill and defeat the Decepticon. 

Autobots , transform , and roll out ! 

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