Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Premiere Screening of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 : On Stranger Tides

Thanks to Nuffnang , i won two ticket to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4 movie in 3D today which are 3 days earlier than other people .

So , today i fetch Qi Wen and her cousin , Qi Tyng , then off we go to Midvalley . We had our dinner at Spaghetti Grill with Simon and his friend , Bernard and Evelyn .And Andrew join us later . Met Wilee at there too .

We all order dinner set meal which come with a pizza / pasta , drinks , and a dessert . I order Spicy Dory Pizza and Sarsi . After dinner , we got our dessert which are a scoop of vanilla ice- cream .

At about 8m , me and Qi Wen went to the GSC midvalley to que up and collect our ticket . Met Sherry , Jackie , Isaac and Janice there .

Thanks a lot  to Isaac and Janice for collecting the ticket for all of us as they are queing up at the front . 

Our ticket ! 

As usual , we need to surrender and cannot bring our phone , camera , laptop into the cinema as this is walt disney movie.

Met Carmen , her friend , her sister , Li Chuen , Bendan and Boyfriend before went in to the cinema at about 9.15pm for the movie . 

Comment for the movie : I enjoy the movie . With Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie , it certainly bring a lot of humour and laughter .  The action and adventure in the movie is super awesome . The mermaid in the movie is beautiful and scary at the same times . It's like the chinese proverb , dont kena beauty trap . The movie duration is quite long . As for the 3D , there's not much 3D in the movie , only the subtitle throughout the movie is in 3D . So , it is not worth to watch the movie in 3D.But it is certainly a movie that are very worth to watch . The movie will be out on 19 May .  Go watch it people . Remember to watch the post credit scene . 

P.S : Qi Wen won 3 OPI Pirates of Caribbean On Stranger Tides Limited Edition nail polishes. It is RM59 each . 

Till then , bye . 


  1. oh there was a post credit scene eh? I was too busy trying to escape the freezing hall after the movie! Lol!

  2. Jayren, so you gonna apply the nail for Eli? hahaha just joking, good post XD

  3. i didn't wait for the post credits scene coz i wanted to escape the freezing hall too! XD