Friday, 27 May 2011

Short update on my uni life

Sorry for neglected my blog so long . Miss reading my blog ? Here's a short update on my uni life . Long time didn't update about my uni life . I am currently in my year 2 degree at HELP University College . I had finish my year 1 , and i am in my year 2 now . When i post at FB saying that i passed all my last semester subject result , some of my friend thought i had graduated . lol . No , my ' last semester' means my previous semester . My last semester result is average , but i am more than happy to finish my first year . Now i am left with another 12 subject and i will graduate . Hopefully i can graduate by next year May . I want to graduate faster and escape from HELP . Wish me luck people .

I will be working for Fernleaf KUAT sampling job at Tesco Mutiara Damansara tomorrow and sunday , and also next week saturday and sunday . This is my first time working for sampling job . Hope i can work well , i must hit target .

Okay , will update more tomorrow or sunday . Now i need to focuson study , got quiz on monday .

Till then , bye . 


  1. Congrats! and all the best in your studies and new job (:

  2. Hilda : Thanks ! You too ! All the best in your studies and new job ! =D

  3. Gratz on passing again bro. And work hard for the remaining year of your study life.. XD