Saturday, 7 May 2011

Taiwan Dami

Today afternoon , Eli bring me to Taiwan Dami at Sri Petaling for lunch .

This photo credited to Eli .

We ordered the same dish , which was Japanese Fish Fillet with curry sauce .

The fish fillet is the one with stick , it taste good . And the curry sauce is awesome , it taste like japanese curry , sweet but not spicy .

We ordered another side dish , which are Shilin Chicken ( Original ) . 

The shilin chicken is similar to the taiwan shihlin . But my opinion is this shilin chicken taste more yummy and less msg .

We order a glass of Ice Honey Peach Tea and shared it  .  

The Ice Honey Peach Tea taste is very special . You can feel the taste of honey and strong taste of peach tea . This drink is addictive .

Overall , the food and drink is nice with reasonable price with great portion . Will definitely go back to have more food next time . 

Address : Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling 57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Till then , bye .


  1. How do you guys find out this place? So sweet, share drink somemore (:

  2. Hilda : Lol , Eli is familiar with that place . There are many nice restarant there . Go try go try . hehe . =D

  3. Hmm~ you guys full sharing just 1portion each like this?? Is the Shilin Chicken's size as big as Shilin one?? ^^

    Anyway, Sri Petaling... sounds far from here. ><

  4. Bendan : We order 2 japanese fish fillet with curry sauce . We only share the drink and side dish . The shilin chicken is much smaller than the shilin one .

  5. woot fish fillet? is it like fish satay? Dami dami dami.. hehe