Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Life without internet

Ever think of what you will do if  one day, there's no more internet in the world. No matter how much money you willing to pay, there's also no more internet. What you will do ?

Nowadays , young adults and teenager are addicted to internet. We always facebook-ing , tweet-ing , or blogging when we are home. We also foursquare when we are on the go .We even bring laptop to university to online . No ,we are not stalker , we just want to know our friend updates and updates ourself . Basically , we want to keep in contact with our friend. I am one of them .

I still remember i got first desktop bought by my parents after form 5, after my SPM. Before form 5, i basically dont know what is Internet, and i still live my life as normal. I still hang out with friend and do my usual leisure activities. Life is still fun without internet! No doubt, internet help me to widen my social network.

But remember internet also may risk your life. There are always stalker in the internet and social network world. You will not know some crazy stalker are stalking you. Other than that, people can hack your account and exposed your private stuff. Your privacy is no more private if someone hack you. And for those who foursquare, never foursquare your real house address. There are robbery case happen before just because the robber saw someone house address and location on foursquare.

So, i think, back to basic, life without internet might be more safe and can be fun too! For me, i may not get used to it when there's no internet, but life still go on, you cant hold back just because of no internet. I still can keep in contact with my friend by texting or calling them . I also can yumcha and hang out with them . If i'm still bored, i can watch TV, play some sport , or do some leisure activities . So yea, i think i still can survive without internet. Of course if without internet, i can't be blogging like what i blog now. haha

There are many people out there still can survive without internet. Internet is just part of our life. Our family are more important. Perhaps when there's no internet, we will appreciate our family more and have more quality time with them.

All i write here are my pure opinion. Comment and critic are welcome.

Now i want to know your opinion. Can you all survive without the internet? How your life will be if there's no more internet in the world?

Lastly, let me share with you all an inspirational video.

Life is without limit! 

Till then. 


  1. a really inspiring video bro.

    I think i might be able to survive life without internet, still it has become a necessity in this modern age.

  2. awww.. *tear drops*... so touching...