Sunday, 31 July 2011

HP Hit Print Roadshow

HP Hit Print Roadshow is going to held in various universities and colleges in the Klang Valley from 19 July - 9 August. There are great deals of HP product at the roadshow . And there are a lot of fun activities during the roadshow , any of you will have chance to get a HP printer for only RM1. How you can get it ? it is pretty simple , you just need to key in " If you can email it , you can print it " , and send it to HP ePrint printer , then the first lucky name that been printed out will be the winner that can walk away with a HP ePrint Printer that worth RM389 with only RM1 . The catch is to own a smart phone and type real fast . Other than that , you can join the HP Be Original Photo contest at the roadshow and also at HP Malaysia facebook  and stand a chance to win HP Printer , Ipad , and smart phone . Just show your most original expressions and get your friend to vote for you .

Here's some photo from the recent HP Hit Print Roadshow held at HELP University College on 28 July 2011 .
The friendly HP promoter explaining the great deal of the HP Product to the student .

The student trying the HP printer .

Student show their most original expression at the HP Be Original Photo Contest .

The student who play the " If you can email , you can print it " contest during the roadshow

Just type the word show on the whiteboard and your name and email it to the ePrinter , the first lucky name out at the ePrinter will win . 

And this student is the lucky winner of the ePrinter with just RM1

Sounds interesting to you ? Come join the upcoming HP Hit Print Roadshow at Taylot College SS15 Subang Jaya on 2nd August 2011 ! See you there !

For more detail of the HP Hit Print roadshow , check it out at HP Malaysia facebook  . 

Till then , bye .


  1. Eeeee so nice. You got so many advertorials to write! :D and many roadshows at HELP lo, unlike Mahsa T__T

  2. Wow... student life sounds good eh. EVENTS!! XD