Saturday, 2 July 2011

Kids nowadays are spoiled

When you first own a handphone? When u get your first handphone ? I get my first handphone when i am form 4 , a lousy Nokia phone . Kids nowaday are spoiled , they can get handphone when they are very young. I saw kids as young as 1 year old own a handphone , and the handphone they own is an iphone . I would think that the parent nowadays spoiled their kid with gadget . Not only handphone , kid also own a lot of high techonlogy gadget . All these gadget have radiation that are not good to human health , and the parents are exposing  it to their kids.  And i dont see a point of own a phone so young , you cant bring to school. Well , i know some school do allowed , but majority school rules doesn't allowed it to be bring to school .

Other than that , the parents are indirectly make their kids become the target of the robber , their kids will be in danger . And handphone will be a distraction to their kids too .

I know all the parent buy their kids a handphone for their safety but i dont see a point for young kids to own a handphone . Do they know how to use a handphone in such young age?

All of this is just my pure opinion . Comment and critic are welcome . 

I proud to say that the handphone i am using now is bought using my own money . I happy that my mother raise me in a healthy way and lifestyle . 

Till then .


  1. some kids are more spoil la.. they got so many cars at age 19.. WTF.. 1 month earn 50k also cannot

  2. I had to buy my own "brick" motorola mobile phone when i was in uni at the age of 18. But that was my generation lo, nowadays things are very different.