Sunday, 24 July 2011

Will you add your parent in Facebook ?

What if one day your parent register a facebook account and add you in facebook ? Will you approve them ? Do you think that your privacy will be invaded if you approve them as friend in facebook ?

Well, facebook had became a powerful social media and a site that you will be able to stay connected with your friend . But in another side , Facebook maybe are your everything . Why i say everything , this is because you share everything with your friend in facebook . The news feed in facebook is even faster than newspaper nowadays . You can know a news even faster in facebook than in news , magazine or newspaper . You might post everything about you , what you do in facebook . And there might be some secret in your facebook account that you wouldnt want your parent to see or read it . 

But there's good and bad to approve your parent in facebook . Let me start with the bad thing . Let say if you have a parent who like to ask you a lot of thing and are strict, then you will be in trouble if your parent saw a photo of you with an opposite gender people . They may start to ask you who are that guy / girl .  And if you approve your parents in facebook , everything you do will be revealed to them , there will be no more privacy . And if you done some bad thing , there goes your life , you will surely be questioned and scolded by your parents.

But of course , there are some cool mum who add their children to get to know them better and doesn't care what they do and give them freedom . These would be the good thing to approve your parents . I had saw some cool mum and dad like this in facebook .

As for me , i am pretty safe and i think i had no problem to approve my parent in facebook , because i doesn't have any secret in facebook . I dont reveal too many thing in facebook and social media . But my parent is so reluctant and lazy to learn how to online . But i do show her my facebook profile before . And i do approve my uncle , aunty and cousin friend request in facebook . And i am okay with it as i had nothing to hide . 

So people , if you dont want to approve your parent friend request in facebook , then just tell then why you rejected their friend request . Just tell them you need some privacy . I think they will understand and give you some space . Dont just reject their friend request without any reason . 

Well , this is my opinion . Now i would like to know your opinion and your story . Just leave me a comment and tell me :
Do you approve your parent friend request in facebook ? If no , tell me why ? You can also tell me your opinion about this issues / topic . 
No prize given ya . 

Till then , bye 


  1. I approved my parents :P I had to, no choice HAHA

  2. my relatives and family members are nice. ok lah. my dad said he was turned off my the many questions FB asked when he wanted to register. hahahah!

  3. sometimes I wished my parents were on FB. At least I can share with them the wonderful experiences I have in KL

  4. My parents and distant relatives are on FB. They can see everything except my wall. Hahaha!

  5. heh. I approved every other family members, and categorize them in one category and then I make my default setting as "friend of friend except category" lols~

    My family is too much of a busy body. I love them, but there are certain things I would prefer them not knowing. hehe.. But I don't have that much thing to hide anyway~ Total open book.

  6. Teehhhh~ I gonna approve them, or else they might thinking aside, lagi teruk. Hahahaha!!

    I think my parents wont accept the fact I've such social life in real, maybe I'll locked/ private up my phoots, thats all. =]