Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Nuffnang Blog Day

With the love of blogging running deep within all of us, there are of course, blogs out there that inspire us; wouldn’t it be great if we could share those blogs with everyone? That’s the idea behind Blog Day!

Blog Day was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest, and Nuffnang is proud to be celebrating the 6th Blog Day on 31st August 2011!

Today also is my first year my blog celebrate blog day ! So , here is the 6 blog i going to recommend . 

The first blog i going to recommend is A Jolly Affair .

The Author of this blog are Joanne Peh , a young Singaporean Actress . 

I have been follow and read her blog since last year . Why i recommend her blog ? Because she writes and share her daily life and experiences being an actress , writer and model in her blog . And what she share is the truth and feeling of being an actress , model and writer . An awesome blog i would say . 

The next blog i am going to share and recommend to you all are Bro , don't like that la , bro 

The Author of this blog are : 

Bro , don't like that la , bro  is a weekly online comic series blog . I know this blog recently from my friend . I like the cimic in the blog , it is very cute . Furthermore , the comic series in the blog is funny and hillarious . The story of the comic is very interesting , the comic story is mainly about what happen in Malaysia , and they create funny jokes behind all these happening and events in Malaysia . Their recent 1 is about Hari Raya . This is an awesome blog ! 

The third blog i am going to recommend and share with you all are Travel Khaki . 

The Author of the blog are : 

I would recommend this blog to all of you because you can easily get some travel guide from this blog .It is a first hand experience travel guide yo . 

The fourth blog i am going to recommend to you all are Malaysian Food , Travel , and Tourism Blog.

The author of this blog are Vkeong . I like his blog and would recommend his blog to you all because he share a lot of great food places all around Malaysia . His passion towards food is great and the food place he recommend will definitely be great ! 

The fifth blog i am going to introduce are Kampungboycitygal.

The author of the blog are :

Kampung Boy 

Anak Kampung

And Citygal


This is another makan blog i like . The blog is about famous and awesome food in KL and Selangor . All the food they recommend will be awesome as both of the author of the blog like to eat a lot and go everywhere to find great food . 

The last blog i am going to recommend are Shiokornot . 

The author of the blog are Nicholas Chan .

This is another food blog i am going to recommend to you all . The author like food and he will go everywhere to cari makan , and if he feel that the food is shiok , he will only share the food and food place with his reader . You can find great food places in his blog .

6th blog day blog recommendation by jayrenthezompire , 
Till then , bye .

Nasi Lemak 2.0 Red Carpet and Meet the Cast Session

On last sunday , 28 August 2011 , Me and a bunch of blogger friend were invited by Henry Lee  to attend the Nasi Lemak 2.0 Red Carpet , Meet the Cast and Gala Premiere . The event start on 7pm at e@Curve .We arrived there at 6.45pm for registration .

Here's my movie pass . 

We were invited for the Buka Puasa Feast with the VIP too . Here's the food served that night . 

Here's the blogger who attend the event . 

From left : Kelvin Tan , Caroline , Eric Lee , and Shii Teck 

From Left : Me , Adrian Leong , Ryan Mo , Yeeing , Kian Fai , Tony , Iris , and Jiayeen 

From Left : Michelle , Chutipond , Genee , and Yeeing 

From left : Benjamin Foo and his Gf .

While we eating , the One FM crew were hyped up the audience with some games .

At about 8.30pm ,the Red Carpet of Nasi Lemak 2.0 begin .

Here's the host of the night . 

Here's the celebrity and VIP  that attend the Red Carpet on that night . 

And lastly , of course is the man who make the movie a sucess , Namewee and the movie producer , Fred Lee and the little Namewee . 

Before we enter the cinema hall to watch the movie , Nasi Lemak 2.0 , here's our group photo . 

Me , Jiayeen , Iris , and Tony were watching the movie , Nasi Lemak 2.0 in the same hall with the celebrity and the VIP . 

After the movie screening , we grab our camera and took some photo with the movie actor and actress .

The actor and actress of the movie . 

Us with the little Namewee 

Us with Namewee 

From left : Me , Adibah Noor , and Ryan Mo 

From Left : Dennis Lau and Me 

From Left : Me and Felixia Yeap

Watch the movie to know who is this guy .

From Left : Me and Karen Kong 

Overall , it was a great night . There were post party after the movie screening , but i did not attend it . 

*All the photo credited to Henry Lee , Jiayeen , and me . 

To read my movie review about the movie , click here , . 

Once again , thanks a lot to Henry Lee for the invites , i really enjoy it . 

Blog post from jayrenthezompire , 
Till the next post . Bye .

Hydraskin Laptop Skin

I finally got my first laptop skin which are a limited edition Apollo 18 Hydraskin Laptop skin .

Hydraskin laptop skin come with a plastic file , everything is packaged inside a plastic file to make it tidy .

Now , let me show you the actual product .

The Hydraskin Laptop skin 

The Hydraskin laptop skin come with 15 inch , it is a DIY Pre-cut Decal Stick-on that customs fits on your gadget . The Hydraskin laptop skin is a water resistant , scratch resistant , reusable and clean removal laptop skin . There are a lot of other design , but what i get is the limited edition Apollo 18 laptop skin . 

So now i'm going to teach you how to apply the Hydraskin laptop skin to your laptop . 

Step 1 : Measure the Hydraskin laptop skin on your laptop .

Step 2 : cut the extra hydraksin laptop skin to fit it to your laptop .

No worries if you scared you will cut too much , because there are a grid line behind the Hydraskin laptop skin , just cut according to the grid line and according to the measurement of your laptop . 

the gridline behind the Hydraskin laptop skin

There are a instruction page on how to stick the laptop skin on your laptop step by step .

So , here are my internal Hydraskin laptop skin after i cut it to fit my laptop . 

Step 3 : Peel off the Hydraskin laptop skin from the sticker .

Step 4 : Stick the Hydraskin laptop skin on your laptop . 

No worries if you think that the hydraskin laptop skin cant stick on your laptop , because the Hydraskin laptop skin is really sticky  and it will certainly stick on your laptop . 

So , just by this simple 4 step , you will get the Hydraskin laptop skin stick on your laptop . 

Here's mine . 

For the external Hydraskin laptop skin , you just need to follow the same step . 

Here's mine . 

So , excited to own one Hydraskin laptop skin as well ? Hurry go get yourself a Hydraskin laptop skin . 

Oh yea , Apollo 18 will be out in cinema on September 8 . And thanks to Hydraskin , i get to watch Apollo 18 1 day before it is out in cinema which are on September 7 . 

Hydraskin by jayrenthezompire,
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