Thursday, 4 August 2011

Aroma Thai Cafe Food Review

Thanks to Iris for hosting a food review at Aroma Thai Cafe at Damansara Perdana on  tuesday ,2 August 2011  , and thanks to her to invite me to the food review . Other blogger that invited to the food review are Carmen , Edwin , Isaac , and Janice . 

When we reach , the owner of the cafe , Mr . Julius Khoo is so friendly , he told us about his cafe and introduce his cafe to us . Then , he order some signature dish of his cafe for us . 

So now , let me introduce the cafe to you  .

The drink served to us are Lemongrass drink . Their lemongrass drink consist of lemon grass , pandan leaves and a little bit of kiwi seeds . The drink is special and nice . 

The Lemongrass drink 

Now , let me introduce you the food served on that night .

Long beans

White Tom Yam 

Kang Kung

Red Tom Yam 

Mango Kerabu 


Steam Fish 

Mixed vegetable fried with meat 

Salted Fish Fried Rice 

Tom Yam Fried Rice 

Lastly , let me introduce to you all the dessert served that night . 

Waterchest Drink / Ruby 

Oerall , all the food is nice and delicious . But i do have few comment on the food . I dont like the white Tom Yam , the white tom yam taste too sour for me . Next , the mixed vegetables with meat got a strong taste of spices whicj i dont quite like . Lastly , the salted fish fried rice taste too salty for me . Other than that , all the food sered is tasty and acceptable . 

Oh yea , the Aroma Thai cafe do served set meal too at the price of RM 5.99 .

So people , faster go try out Aroma Thai Cafe . Their food are all home cook yo . 

And the owner of the shop , Mr. Julius Khoo  is so friendly , he accompany us throughout the whole dinner . I do also saw him serve every customer by his own . Thanks for the great , friendly and generous hospitality ya Mr . Julius Khoo. 

Aroma Thai Cafe 
No.11-1, Jalan PJU 8/5i, Bandar Damansara Perdana,
478200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact No:
03-7731 2089
Mr. Julius Khoo ( H/P: 016-72 3093)


  1. I love Thai food, especially tomyam! :D so nice get to go to food review (:

  2. They served us so much food that night!! lol XD nice writeup

  3. Ahhh im going to Thailand to savour authentic Thai food this Sept!

  4. so near my place i never dined there before also :P

  5. Im a thaifood lover~ How's the tomyam ya??? But damansara so far!!

    The place looks small...