Sunday, 21 August 2011

Disconnect to Connect

Disconnect to Connect means to switch off your cell phone and disconnect yourself from the internet and social network a while to stay connect and talk with your loves one . Nowadays almost everyone owns a smart phone , and these smart phone user will online and chat with friends and people in the social network more than in real life . And for those normal cell phone user like me , we will always SMS when we are on the go or at anywhere . It's hard to ask us to leave our phone aside and talk with friends , family and loves one . Life will be quite beautiful and joyful after that too . Cell phone and internet make our relationship with our loves one farther . So if we leave our phone aside just for a while , you will realize how wonderful and how close you and your family and  loves one  will be .

Here i shared an amazing commercial named disconnect to connect  to you all . Hope you all will get what i mean after this commercial.

Till then , bye . 


  1. this is true.. but these 2 things, phone and the internet are already so deeply dugged into our lives

  2. i stayed alone so i guess disconnecting doesnt make any difference for me but i try to cut down on attaching with my phone when i am out with my friends :)

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey