Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hydraskin Laptop Skin

I finally got my first laptop skin which are a limited edition Apollo 18 Hydraskin Laptop skin .

Hydraskin laptop skin come with a plastic file , everything is packaged inside a plastic file to make it tidy .

Now , let me show you the actual product .

The Hydraskin Laptop skin 

The Hydraskin laptop skin come with 15 inch , it is a DIY Pre-cut Decal Stick-on that customs fits on your gadget . The Hydraskin laptop skin is a water resistant , scratch resistant , reusable and clean removal laptop skin . There are a lot of other design , but what i get is the limited edition Apollo 18 laptop skin . 

So now i'm going to teach you how to apply the Hydraskin laptop skin to your laptop . 

Step 1 : Measure the Hydraskin laptop skin on your laptop .

Step 2 : cut the extra hydraksin laptop skin to fit it to your laptop .

No worries if you scared you will cut too much , because there are a grid line behind the Hydraskin laptop skin , just cut according to the grid line and according to the measurement of your laptop . 

the gridline behind the Hydraskin laptop skin

There are a instruction page on how to stick the laptop skin on your laptop step by step .

So , here are my internal Hydraskin laptop skin after i cut it to fit my laptop . 

Step 3 : Peel off the Hydraskin laptop skin from the sticker .

Step 4 : Stick the Hydraskin laptop skin on your laptop . 

No worries if you think that the hydraskin laptop skin cant stick on your laptop , because the Hydraskin laptop skin is really sticky  and it will certainly stick on your laptop . 

So , just by this simple 4 step , you will get the Hydraskin laptop skin stick on your laptop . 

Here's mine . 

For the external Hydraskin laptop skin , you just need to follow the same step . 

Here's mine . 

So , excited to own one Hydraskin laptop skin as well ? Hurry go get yourself a Hydraskin laptop skin . 

Oh yea , Apollo 18 will be out in cinema on September 8 . And thanks to Hydraskin , i get to watch Apollo 18 1 day before it is out in cinema which are on September 7 . 

Hydraskin by jayrenthezompire,
Till the next post . Bye . 


  1. hmmm yuan lai is advert :P

    and looks cool hehe! now your lappy looks so 3D with the foot print hahah

  2. WAHHH, gam fai! Hope I'm not the last one to blog :/

  3. Nikel and Xue Ren : thanks for the compliment . =D

    Kian Fai : Yea , it is an advert , where got 3D . haha .

    Hilda : lol , my one slow dy le , u faster blog la . haha . =D

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