Thursday, 8 September 2011

I'm back at Uni !

Hello everyone ! Sorry for MIA for about a week . My new semester just started , and i am trying to adapt back to sleep early and waking up early life . Guess i need some time to get used back to it , as i have had about 2 month holiday previously where i sleep late and wake up late everyday during my holiday. I am so sleepy every day after class and don't feel like doing anything .

Well , i took 5 subject this semester . There are not much student attending the lecture yet on the first week , and all classes are just introduction of the subject . So , not much thing to study yet . I am still quite free . But i will be busy starting next week i think . Thus , i have decided to cut down on attending event and movie screening . I will only attend those movie screening that i want to watch and event that i'm interested . I want to concentrate more on my studies . Wish me luck people ! 

Oh yea , let me share a good news ,my university , HELP University College had been upgraded to HELP University .

Which means HELP University fees will be increase as well for the new student . Luckily , the fees for the existing student like me still the same price . 

So yea , this is a short update of my current life . 

Till the next post. Bye . 


  1. hmmm is good to heard that the fees didn't raise on your part . . . :X

  2. Great! heard so much about this U in the media~

  3. 2 months break - have you learn how to cook? :)