Monday, 19 September 2011

Qbean at One Utama Food Tasting

Thanks to Nikel  , i'm been invited to Qbean One Utama for food tasting on saturday , 17/9/11.

Qbean are the first premium soy milk store in Malaysia. Their soy milk is freshly made in-store everyday to guarantee the unbeatable freshness and taste that is unique to Qbean. They source only the best soy beans from Canada that are not genetically modify thus ensuring a healthier and safer product. There are no preservatives , no colourings , no flavoring , and no thickening added in all their product.

Their main product are all made from soy milk , that are extremely rich in health benefits and is a 100% natural food source . Soy milk has no cholesterol , high in dietary fibre , high in calcium and is naturally rich in vitamins and mineral . 

So , if you all want to eat some healthy and fresh dessert , just try Qbean .

Here are the dessert that we tasted .

Oreo Soy Ice Cream (RM4.50)

Chocalate Peanut Soy Ice Cream (RM4.50)

Chocalate Soy Ice Cream (RM4.50)

Rainbow Soy Ice Cream (RM4.50)

Strawberry Soy Ice Cream (RM4.50)

The Soy Milk Ice Cream is one of the most saleable products in Qbean. All the soy milk ice cream is dairy free . I like the soy milk ice cream , i can really taste the soy milk in the ice cream . Moreover , the portion is quite big with a cheap price . It is definitely worth to eat to cure your thirst.

After tasted the soy ice cream , we are given some soy ice blended drink to taste.

Chocalate Soy Ice Blended with Pearl (RM5.90)

Bandung Soy Ice Blended with Pearl (RM5.90)

Green Tea Soy Ice Blended with Pearl (RM5.90)

Honeydew Soy Ice Blended with Pearl (RM5.90)

Mango Soy Ice Blended with Pearl (RM5.90)

Strawberry Soy Ice Blended with Pearl (RM 5.90)

All the Soy Ice blended are made with fresh soy milk . I can really feel the freshness of the soy milk in the soy ice blended drink . I personally like the Green Tea Soy Ice Blended , Bandung Soy Ice Blended , Mango Soy Ice Blended , and Strawberry Soy Ice Blended as you can taste the perfect mixture taste of the green tea , bandung , mango and strawberry with the soy milk . As for the Chocalate Soy Ice Blended and Honeydew Soy Ice Blended, i personally feel that the taste is quite weird after mixed with the fresh soy milk.

After tasted the Soy Ice Cream and Soy Ice Blended ,we were given the chance to taste their Bean Curd 
(Tau Fu Far).

Beancurd (Tau Fu Far) RM3.50

Their Tau Fu Far is not that sweet and soft. I personally like it.

Lastly , we also tasted the Soy Porridge . 

Soy Porridge (RM4.80)

What make soy porridge different from other porridge is that the soy porridge is make from soy water. It is filling too.

So people, if you all want to eat some healthy dessert , drink and food , you all can visit Qbean and try it yourself!

Food Post by jayrenthezompire
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  1. wah all soya. i think just taking one bowl of the ice-cream i'll be full coz soya is very filling for me.

  2. the ice cream look good.. too bad they werent looking like that when i reached :P

  3. i want those icecream again, can? :)

  4. must be tasty. always think of making soy bean ice cream. ;)
    gonna try it some day. nice post man.