Thursday, 27 October 2011

An adventure i would go on with my pet

This is my dog , an Alaskan Husky 

I had trained him to be good in smelling , in attacking and saving people . He is well trained now and i will go to an adventure with him , my husky . We will go to every city in the world to help all the people who in need . We will be the detective that run around the world to help people . I will become the detective and my husky will become my assistant . If we need to help to find people who are lost , i will be the one who find for clues , where husky will be the one who smell and trace the track and footprint of the lost people . If we need to help to solve a crime , i will be the one who investigate the crime , while my husky will help me smell the crime scene and chase and attack the criminal if we found the criminal but they try to escape . If we need to save someone who are going to drown , my husky will go down to the sea and help that person . My husky can swim well . If a cat is trap on top of the tree and afraid to come down to the ground , my husky will climb up and bring the cat down . My husky can climb well too . Together we two will be a great team ! Me and my husky will go on an adventurous , full of excitement adventure where we can help a lot of people along our adventure . Together we will enjoy the adventure and solve every crime,cases and help everyone we saw who are in need  along our adventure  and be the people angel in every country we travel to.