Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Justberrys Dessert Review

Thanks to Caroline , i get to attend Justberrys Dessert Review at Sunway Pyramid on 5 November 2011 .

All the fruits and ingredient for their dessert and drink are freshly imported from Dataran Pahlawan , Malacca.

Now let me introduce some of their dessert to you all . 

Milky Durian Freeze RM10.50

My comment : The combination of D24 Durian , butter cake , and Vanilla Ice cream in this dessert is just awesome ! One word : yummylicious ! 

Longan Sea Coconut RM7.00

My Comment : This is certainly not my favourite dessert . But it is nice and is suitable for those who want to eat healthy dessert . 

Mango Loh RM 6.50

My Comment : I can feel the Mango inside the dessert , and the mango is sweet and fresh . 

Justberrys Pandan Cendol RM4.50

My Comment : The cendol is okay only , the gula malacca in the dessert is a bit too sweet for my liking. 

Justberrys Durian Cendol RM6.50

My Comment : I feel that it is a bit too expensive as the Durian is just a little bit on top of the cendol . Nothing special about this dessert.

Now ,let me introduce some drinks from their shop .

Sweetie Strawberrys RM7.00

My Comment : The strawberry in the drink is fresh and delicious.

Snowy Golden Mango RM7.00

My Comment : It is delicious with a lot of fresh mango. 

Mango Honeymoon RM6.00

My Comment : Nothing special . Just a normal Mango juice with more mango perhaps . 

Mango Sunnymangmelon RM6.50

My Comment : Just a normal drink with some watermelon .

Cocomango RM5.50

My Comment : The grass jelly below the mango is soothing and nice . Other than that , nothing much special.

Dessert Review by jayrenthezompire , 
Till then , bye.


  1. geesz!! im now still craving for the milky durian freeze!!! XD

  2. This is something special dessert shop.. All the dessert add with topping one.. SO nice