Saturday, 12 November 2011

Nelayan Village Food Review

Thanks to ilovediscount, i had been invited to a food review on 10 November at Nelayan Village at Sunway Giza.

Nelayan Village is a steamboat buffet shop . They serve variety of fresh food for you to steamboat with your friends and family. 

Now , let me show you all the food that they have . 

Wantan and Crab Fillet


Seafood , chicken , beef , lamb 


Fresh Vegetables

Yee Mee and Green Mee

Variety of sauces

fishball and other frozen food 

We were given some appetizer before the steamboat begin.

Bread with Lamb Curry 

Fried Squid and Prawn

Curry Fishball

Kam Heong Prawn

 Pandan Chicken

Then , it was the time to start steamboat ! 

They serve Chicken and Tomyam soup . This is Tomyam soup

You can also ask the staff to grill the food for you too . There are a grill counter there. Here's our grill food.

Grill Beef Skewer

Grilled Chicken Wing

Grilled Sotong 

Grilled Seafood and Chicken Skewer

Grilled Crab

Grilled Lamb

Oh yea , they do have their special in-house sauce.Must try ! t's delicious.

Then is dessert time.

Chocalate Fondue (Photo credit to Benjamin)


6 type of ice-cream flavour to choose from 

Free flow of Ice Lemon Tea or Fruit Punch (Photo credit to Jiayeen)

 Lastly , us , the invited bloggers , From Left : Jiayeen , Shaun , Benjamin , and Kah Mon 

Overall , the food is fresh and nice. Only a small reccomendation here , reduce the salt on the grilled food , and reduce the sugar in the drink . Other than that , everything is fine. This is certainly a place for friends and family to chill and slowly enjoy steamboat and grill their food wile chit-chatting.

Tempted and drooling of the food? Then stay tune to ilovediscount as there are a great deal coming up ! 

Food Review by jayrenthezompire, 
Till then , bye.


  1. Looks like a really good place, like how they present their food. Clean and organized (:

  2. Look nice for steamboat, Local style lagi..

  3. nice one :) looks great too

  4. Wow~~ Varieties of selection. Looks yummy and fresh. :) How nice if KK have such place for so much selection.

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