Tuesday, 8 November 2011

What would Puss in Boots do

If i am Puss and Kitty Softpaws , this is my way to defeat the bad guys .

I will have a group of cat under me .

Dont get fooled by their cute face . They are actually my super spy and super agent . 

All of them will be vaccinated with special power vaccins to make them strong and tough.

There will be a few shooter assassin and sniper to shoot the bad guys from far . They had been trained well .

Then thiere will be a few spy cum detective to investigate and sense where will the bad guy be . They are violent cat yo.

And there will be also a few secret agent who will listen to the conversation of the bad guy . 

This will be my cat soldier to attack the bad guys . There will be not one , but many cat soldier .

I am certainly not the mastermind of this secret agent . I had appointed a Catman to be the mastermind and the leader of this super spy and super agent team . 

He is the mastermind behind this super agent and super spy team. 

I will be the advisor of this super agent and super spy group who watch and supervise from far.

Moonlight Cat
Far on the tree in the moon . 

With this super agent and super spy team , i am sure that i can defeat the bad guys. 

We will defeat the bad guys ! Cats for the win ! 

Note : This post is a contest post to win ticket to the Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Puss in Boots happening on 22 November 2011 , 9.30pm at GSC One Utama.

Puss in Boots

Till then , bye.


  1. Cat in pomelo hat! Muahahaha... CUTE!

  2. wahahaha been reading a lot of puss in boots entries. yours is funny! like ninja!

  3. aww yeaaahh!! cat in headphones!! thought gonna be Cats shufflin in boots to kick ass...haha

  4. Yerr.. I dont like real cats, especially those violence one. ==" Pussy in boots is different la for sure.

    Great one, hope u get it. XD

  5. so creative la ur post!! Best of luck! =)

  6. so many cute kitty :-)

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