Saturday, 12 November 2011

那些年我们追过的女孩 You are the apple of my eye movie review

Been wanting to watch this movie very long , finally i go watch it today . 

Ke Teng (Ke Zhen Dong) and his school buddies: Lao Cao (Ao Quan), Bo Qi (Wan Sheng Yu), Gai Bian (Cai Chang Xian) and Ah He (She Shao Wen) usually play together. At the same time they also have common liking for one particular girl, Chen Jia Yi (Chen Yan Xi), all the way from junior to senior high school.
Once Ke Teng is punished by the teacher due to his mischief as he tries to get close with Jia Yi. At first they dislike to see each other and slowly both build good impression with each other. Ke Teng decides to pursue her and his buddies also decide to join in this tug of war. Who will win her heart?

My Comment
This movie is funny and touching. All the people that are born in the 80's to 90's definitely must watch this movie ! You all will find similarity in the movie in your life , a lot of memories during your high school and your youth will be flashed back . It is a movie that really very worth to watch ! Go watch it people ! 

Movie Review by jayrenthezompire,
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  1. I wanna watch this so badly!! :D

  2. Wow, you give positive to this movie too ya. A lot of my friends are recommending too. I am going to watch it next week.