Saturday, 31 December 2011

11 Things i achieved in 2011

Well , time really flies . Today is the last day of 2011 , so is time for me to sum up my 2011 .

Let's see , i still remember in the first day of 2011 , i wrote a blog post which are 11 thing i want to achieved in 2011 at here . Shall see how many i really achieved in 2011 .

#1 I want to study hard and play hard . ( Achieved )
I did study hard and play hard in this year ny attending a lot of event and gathering with friend.

#2 I want to work for many part time job !  I need money ! ( Half achieved )
I do work for a few part time job , but not many , but i still earn some money this year.

#3 I want to find a girlfriend ( Half Achieved ) 
I do found a girlfriend this year , but for some reason , we broke up for good . 

#4 I want everyone to be happy , healthy , and safe ( Half Achieved ) 
Well , there are not everyone is happy , but thankfully they are healthy and safe.

#5 I want to know more new friend . ( Achieved )
This one definitely achieved , i get to know a lot of new friend , and is really good to have them as my friend. 

#6 I want to blog more. ( Achieved ) 
I blog a lot this year . 

#7 I want to join more movie screening / Event . ( Achieved )
I definitely join and attend more movie screening / event and i loving it.

#8 I want to change to a wifi phone ( If got money ) ( not achieved ) 
For now , i dont think i need a wifi phone as i got my laptop.

#9 I want to do more good deed , especially participate in charity event . ( Half Achieved)
I do participate in some charity event and do good deed , and i will continue do more good deed . 

#10 I want to be a happy person with positive mind . ( Half Achieved ) 
I do try to be a happy person with postive mind but sometime i still emo and being negative minded.

#11 I want to be more independent . ( Not achieved ) 
I still think that i not independent enough.

And here's the 11 thing i gained in 2011 as of today . 

#1. I joined my first marathon and get a finisher medal and certificate .

#2. I fell in love and fall out of love .

#3. I met some famous celebrity and took photo with them.

#4. I worked for my first ever sampling job .

#5 I enjoy meeting new friend and i had widen my social network .

#6 I am not that shy and start to talk more and be more sociable .

#7 I finally get to have a new and good camera .

#8 I gained weight .

#9 I completed my year 2 degree course.

#10 I tweet more.

#11 I officially a Diploma holder .

So there you go , farewell 2011 ! Let's welcome 2012 , the year of dragon , my year . Hope 2012 will be a better year for all of us.

Till then , bye.

Choulyew Surprise Belated Birthday Celebration

It all started with Choulyew's sister , Choulyin want to surprise her sister with a belated birthday celebration as she didn't really celebrate  Choulyew  actual birthday . So she invited few of us which were close to her in a facebook event named "Yew's Surprise Birthday Celebration" . The venue set at Austin Chase Sunway Giza on yesterday night . Well , the plan was Choulyin plan to cheat Choulyew that there will be a food review at Austin Chase on yesterday night and she will bring her to Austin Chase . While for the cake , I had order it on thursday night at a bakery nearby Sunway Giza . Then , i collected it on yesterday afternoon , and pass it to the Austin Chase staff for them to hide it in the freezer.

So , on yesterday night , after  Choulyew , Choulyin and Henry Lee reach there and seated down at the first floor of Austin Chase . All of us slowly reach Austin Chase Sunway Giza . Then , Choulyin and Henry Lee prepare to light up the birthday cake at ground floor of Austin Chase.

The birthday cake

American Chocalate cake from Baker's Inn

After that , Choulyin carry the cake to the first floor where we all seated and hide behind Choulyew . She still didn't aware of the surprise , she still thought that it was a food review , and she was happily capture photo for the review . 

Next , we sang birthday song , and Choulyew only realize that it was someone birthday today , but she still don't know we were celebrating her belated birthday . She knew it only after we sang "Happy Birthday to  Choulyew ! ". Our surprise plan really worked and sucessful ! Choulyew was really surprised by us ! 

Her epic surprised face . Haha 

Choulyew and her cake 

The sister , Choulyew and Choulyin

Choulyew thinking what wish shall she make . Haha 

She cutting the cake .

Choulyew , hope you enjoy the surprise birthday celebration ! Happy Belated Birthday !

Here's the people who attended : 

From left : Melissa and Elwyn

From left : Hui Min and Benjamin

Everyone enjoy eating the birthday cake , it was really delicious . 

We also ordered some drinks and food . Poor Benjamin , all the food he ordered were sold out . LOL

Our drinks 

Henry Lee's food 

Then , we played few round of Uno Stacko . It was a really challenging game and a game that stress you out . To make the game more awesome , we make the Uno Stacko unstable very fast and wait for who will make the Uno Stacko fall . It was a really good game played with them . 

Elwyn's turn , Jiayeen scared the Uno Stacko fall on her . 

Benjamin choosing to take which one out.

From left : Jiayeen and Choulyew

From left : Choulyew and me 

It was really a great night spend with great friend . 

This was my first time to Austin Chase Sunway Giza , and i really like the place , will definitely visit there again . 

Till then , bye.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Simple Christmas Gathering

On 25 December night , Ryan Mo organised a simple christmas gathering at his relatives house at The Palladium Condo at K.L .

Here's the activities for the night . 

Rockband Wii.

Monopoly Deal 

Here's the food for the night. 

It was a great night spend with great friend . 

Till then , bye .

Creativity In Motion

Thanks to Henry Lee for the invite , i get to attend Creativity In Motion on 22 December 2011 at Publika Square , Solaris Dutamas.

Here's some brief about Creativity In Motion:

As the year comes to a close , the spirit of celebration can be felt everywhere , but nowhere as strongly as among the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology's international cohort of creative students as they welcome Christmas and congratulate their graduating class of Fashion and Retail Design students with another edition of their infamous Creativity in Motion series.

Creativity in Motion-The runway series is organized by the Limkokwing Fashion and Retail Department and produced by the Creativity Development, a professional talent incubation unit on campus lead by Associate Vice President Dato' Tiffanee Marie Lim.

This term's class of 18 designers from 6 different country will show off their collections drawing from inspiration such as Arabic Abayas, Indian textiles, Japanese Samurais and others and adding their contemporary twists.

present to you

Here are the blogger that attended Creativity In Motion on that day .

From left : Kelvin , Henry Lee , Choulyin , Jiayeen , and Angeline

Here's the DJ for the night :

At 7.40pm , the event started .

First , is the opening performance by Reena , singing 'Louder'

Next , is the prformance by Zazrina , singing 'Mr. Know it All'

After that , the emcees of the night came out to the stage.

Then followed by "The Wild" Hair Show by Limkokwing International Lifestyle Design Academy.

Then , the emcees introduce the designers , and the designer came out to the stage with their model.

Then , it continued with the performance by Farhan , singing 'Find Your Love'.

Next on , Creativity in Motion Fashion Show officially started.

The night comtinued with performance by Ernie , singing 'My Only One'.

Then , Ronnie Quiamco perform 'Moves Like Jagger'.

Then , the Designers Bow begin , the designer came up to the stage with their model. 

After that , is time for award presentation.

Most innovative Designer : Shakirah Idora Bt Jangir 
Most Creative Collection : Yeap Shu Wen 
Most Creative Collection : Gabrielle Ashley Boudville
Most Creative In Conceptualisation : Violinawaty Nurmatias
Most Creative in Textiles : Niloofar Faghihi

Creativity In Motion ended with the Finale song - All I want for Christmas .

One of the winner and her model.

The bloggers 

It was really a spectacular , grand , entertaining , grand , and sucessful fashion show by Limkokwing's next generation of Fashion Designers . A great applause to Limkokwing University of Creative Technology ! 

Till then , bye.