Saturday, 31 December 2011

11 Things i achieved in 2011

Well , time really flies . Today is the last day of 2011 , so is time for me to sum up my 2011 .

Let's see , i still remember in the first day of 2011 , i wrote a blog post which are 11 thing i want to achieved in 2011 at here . Shall see how many i really achieved in 2011 .

#1 I want to study hard and play hard . ( Achieved )
I did study hard and play hard in this year ny attending a lot of event and gathering with friend.

#2 I want to work for many part time job !  I need money ! ( Half achieved )
I do work for a few part time job , but not many , but i still earn some money this year.

#3 I want to find a girlfriend ( Half Achieved ) 
I do found a girlfriend this year , but for some reason , we broke up for good . 

#4 I want everyone to be happy , healthy , and safe ( Half Achieved ) 
Well , there are not everyone is happy , but thankfully they are healthy and safe.

#5 I want to know more new friend . ( Achieved )
This one definitely achieved , i get to know a lot of new friend , and is really good to have them as my friend. 

#6 I want to blog more. ( Achieved ) 
I blog a lot this year . 

#7 I want to join more movie screening / Event . ( Achieved )
I definitely join and attend more movie screening / event and i loving it.

#8 I want to change to a wifi phone ( If got money ) ( not achieved ) 
For now , i dont think i need a wifi phone as i got my laptop.

#9 I want to do more good deed , especially participate in charity event . ( Half Achieved)
I do participate in some charity event and do good deed , and i will continue do more good deed . 

#10 I want to be a happy person with positive mind . ( Half Achieved ) 
I do try to be a happy person with postive mind but sometime i still emo and being negative minded.

#11 I want to be more independent . ( Not achieved ) 
I still think that i not independent enough.

And here's the 11 thing i gained in 2011 as of today . 

#1. I joined my first marathon and get a finisher medal and certificate .

#2. I fell in love and fall out of love .

#3. I met some famous celebrity and took photo with them.

#4. I worked for my first ever sampling job .

#5 I enjoy meeting new friend and i had widen my social network .

#6 I am not that shy and start to talk more and be more sociable .

#7 I finally get to have a new and good camera .

#8 I gained weight .

#9 I completed my year 2 degree course.

#10 I tweet more.

#11 I officially a Diploma holder .

So there you go , farewell 2011 ! Let's welcome 2012 , the year of dragon , my year . Hope 2012 will be a better year for all of us.

Till then , bye.


  1. congratulations of quite a good year of achievements!

    have a fab 2012. it will be awesome only if you want it to be awesome!

    happy new year:D

  2. woots! nice one! :) feel like doing this in my blog too =D

  3. Wah! At least you've achieved most of it :D

    Happy New Year Jayren, the driver with awesome sense of direction! haha :D