Wednesday, 28 December 2011

7aste Moscow

On 1 December 2011 , i attended 7aste Moscow , i was under Jiayeen's VIP list guest.

The Registration Counter 

VIP and Member entrance

At 9pm , the event started and the emcees came out and there were some performances 

The Emcees : Fay Hokulani

First up is some Russian dance performance.

Next up is the performance by Zlwin The Magician .

After that is some sexy dance performance.

And here are the camwhore photo with friend attended 7aste Moscow.

From left : Elwyn and me

From Left : Me , Bendan , and Yeongboon

From left : Bendan, Chutipond , Genee , Benjamin , and me.

From left : Me and Simonseow

From left : Chutipond , Jackie , Genee , and me .

From left : Me and Kelvin

From left : Me and Joel

From left : Shii Teck and me

From left : Jfook and me

From left : Me , Bendan , Genee , Kian Fai , Ryan , and Joel

Shannon on the second from the left.

From right : Sherry and her friend

From left : Sher Lynn and me 

From left : Dylan and me 

On the first right : Melissa 

From right : Me and Felix

From left : Jiayeen and me

From left : Choulyin and me

From right : me and Henry Lee

From left : Iris , me , and tony

Third from right : Richard , first from right : Shaun 

From right : Anita , Isaac , and me

From left : Liki and me. Photo credit to Liki

From left : Me and Joshua Law. Photo credit to Liki

Overall , it was a great night spend with friend . 

Till then , bye.