Wednesday, 21 December 2011

All Bloggers Gathering at Coffee Chemistry Signature (CCS)

On 26 November 2011 , after i finish my graduation on the morning , back home a while , and then i a m put again at about 3pm to an all blogger gathering at Coffee Chemistry Signature at First Subang Mall , SS15 , Subang Jaya. Thanks to Henry Lee for organised the gathering.

Now , let me tour you around Coffee Chemistry Signature (CCS).

Dining area 1

Dining area 2 

More private dining area

The sofa chilling area

My favourite area , the board game and magazine area ! 

As i am late and had taken my lunch , so i didn't ordered any drinks or food . But the owner of Coffee Chemistry Signature , Johnson Tay was so nice to belanja me a cup of Latte. 

Right : The friendly and nice owner of Coffee Chemistry Signature , Johnson Tay.

My Latte

All their coffe is made using Graffeo.

Now , is time to post up the camwhore photo with bloggers . See it at your own risk , there were a lot of lengzai and lenglui . 

From left: Eunice and me . 

From left : Elwyn and me 

From left : Nana and me

Front from left : Benjamin and his girlfriend , Hui Min

Front from left : Li Chuen and Henry Lee

From left : Isaac and me 

From left : Me , Choulyin , Choulyew , and Li Ping 

From left : Choulyew , JQ and me

From left : Ivy Kam , me 

From left : Kian Fai and me.

Group Photo 1 

Group photo 2

Oh yea , thanks to Henry Lee who prepared a black card for ebveryone to sign on it and later on passed over to the owner of Coffee Chemistry Signature (CCS) , Johnson Tay for remembrance and appreciation. 

Henry Lee passing over the black card to the owner of CCS , Johnson Tay .

Me passing over the black card to the owner of CCS , Johnson Tay .

With the friendly service and hospitality from the staff and the owner itself , Coffee Chemistry Signature is definitely the perfect place for you to chill with friend and family over great food and great times.


  1. ahhh miss this gathering as I got work that day.. T3T

  2. Eric : Is okay , still got more gathering soon . =D

    Charmaine : No, is second meeting , first meeting is at sausagefest but i didn't say hi . lol. =p