Friday, 23 December 2011

Being the Santa again for the third year

On yesterday afternoon , i went to Leisure Mall for the annual charity programme for the underprivileged childreb and bring joy and smiles to the children of Rainbow Home , Yayasan Sunbeams Home , Desa Amal Jineh Home and Children of Kampung Orang Asli Genting Teras : Toy Bank , A Gift Of Love with Jiayeen . It is a yearly charity programme for orphan to get something they wanted for Christmas. This is my third year joining this charity programme and being santa for the orphan , while it is the second year joining this charity programme and being santa for the orphan for Jiayeen .

That's Jiayeen

Everyone can be santo too with just a few step .
First , pick a card from the christmas tree . On the card , it got write what the orphan wish for. Just choose something you think you can afford to give to them . I choose to buy present for Alagi , 2 years old from Yayasan Sunbeams Home . She wanted a watch/bicycle/educational toy .

Next , go hunt for the present. There were a lot of shop at Leisure Mall for you to find the present. Me and Jiayeen went to the Giant Supermarket at Leisure Mall for the present.

I choose to buy an Educational Toy for Alagi , here's me and my present to her.
 While Jiayeen bought stationery for her choosen orphan . 

Next , go buy wrapping paper , wrapping box or bag to wrap your present . We went to Mini toon to wrap our present.
Me with my present to Alagi
Jiayeen with her present to her chosen orphan
Lastly , just put your present into the Toy Bank and they will give all the present to the selected orphan on 26 December 2011.

Wanted to be a santa as well ? Then hurry go to Leisure Mall now ! The Toy Bank will only be there until 25 December 2011.

I feel so happy to be able to help the orphans to get what they want . 
Till then , bye.


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  2. Good to know that bro. :D God will bless you.

  3. i hope you can knock my door and gimme some present too XD or at least some sweets :P


  4. good one Jayren!!! missed out on this one this year :/ but will definitely do something like this next year! everyone deserves a blessing on Christmas :)