Friday, 9 December 2011

Blogger is not that awesome afterall

Blogger is also human . Here are the reasons why i say blogger are not that awesome afterall .

1. We just being honest , yet we being criticize by others.
We , the bloggers often invited to events like food review , movies , musical shows , party and many other event. So , after we attended those event , we are required to write a review blog post about those event . Thus , we just honestly write out our opinion of what we feel , what the event lack , and we do provide some suggestion for them to improve . Yes , we may sometime tend to criticize the event , but we do that juist to let the organizer of the event know what their event lack of or what problem we face . We do this so that they have some room of improvement or chance to improve . Yet , some of them just cant take the critic and blame us for writing such a bad review , and criticize us back by some harsh comment . Come on , we just being honest.

2. We are being perceived as the bad person .
For parents , blogger are sometimes being said as bad person that will had bad influence . Some of our parents doesn't understand what is blogger , and they thought that they are just some stranger that we know from internet , and we dont know how they are , how they behave and who are them . Not only  parents , many other people also dont understand who is a blogger . Got one time , when i attend a food review , as i am the earliest to arrive , i snap photo of the restaurant interior and exterior . Then after i finish snap photo , i seated down at the table provided for us , and suddenly a guy come over and ask me whether i am a private investigator. Apparently , as i snap photo of the restaurant , i snap him  also as he and his friend are seated in the restaurant. They noticed it and ask me whether i am a private investigator that hired to investigate them . LOL . Then , i explain to them that i am a blogger that attend food review , i snap photo for my blog post.

3. We are often being perceived as the person who get free stuff without effort.

No , you are wrong . We did effort to win invites to free stuff . We actually did some effort by comment and blog creatively to win free movies ticket . And if you say "wah , that person so easily get a laptop / handphone/camera one ? , how i wish i am lucky like her and get it ! It's free ! It's free ! " . To answer that , we actually review that particular product in our blog , and we write few blog post for that product review , and at last if the client think that our blog review is great and creative , that they award us with the product . We deserves the product as we make some effort to win it . Nothing is free in this world , so stop saying we get free stuff without effort . 

4. We need good grammar to be qualified as a blogger.
When you don't have good grammar , people will crirticize you and say with this kind of grammar , you can still be blogger ah . Hello , blogger also human , we make mistake , and we are not those professional journalist . Blogging is just part of our hobbies and interest . And is our own blog , we just want to be ourself and blog what we want . Pretender will go no where . Everyone need respect , so please respect everyone.

5. Blog doesn't even need words anymore.
Nowadays , you just need to post few photo or picture on your blog only , and you are still awesome just like that. LOL. Just post some photo of you exposing your abs or cleavage , aqnd then many people will go view your blog and you gain high traffic and a lot of readers.

Example : This photo will get a lot of girl "wow!" . Sorry guys , no sexy girl here.LOL

6. We are a marketing tool to earn money in some way
As much as we doesn't want to admit , we are actually tools for advertiser to earn money . In a nice way is we promote product , events , movie or food , and we get rewards . But in a reality world , we are just some people used by them to earn money.

Sad to say , we are selling ourself actually.

7. We need money to gain more readers and traffic to our blog and become famous.
Sometime , blogger try too hard to be famous , they often use money to buy some blogging tools to make more hits and traffic to their blog . And to always travel around many places to attend events , you really need money to afford to pay for your petrol , parking and etc. I would say we no need to try so hard , just be yourself and blog what you think is interesting and great , make some effort to blog good and interesting stuff . There are few blogger that did that which i admire , they did a lot of effort on their blog without using money on their blog.

Credit to Donovan Chan , 8 December 2011 .

8. Using blogging platform to create drama on their blog.
Being a blogger , we confirm will have some hater, and we must learn to accept those critic comment from those hater. Afterall , not everyone is perfect , we do make mistake . But some people just can't accept it , and worst still , they reply those critic comment harshly by blogging it in their blogging . They are somehow creating drama in their blog . Blogging about it and critic them back will not win you applause or praise , it will just only ruined your image. So , just try to accept their comment , and if you do want to reply , please dont reply it so publicly . Afterall . haters help to generate some traffic and readers to you , you should be happy about it. Haters are just jealous about you.

9.  Everyone blog about that , i also want to blog about that, the kiasu spirit.

Some blogger are just kiasu , when they saw other people blog about this interesting post , they tend to want to follow them to blog about it , as they scared to lose . For events , movie review , contest and food review , it would be okay and normal to have few same blog post . But for other topic or news , people , please be original and creative , blog using your own words , you can just blog something you think is interesting . Blog about some keyword search will bring you no where , people will only think you are some copycats.

10. Too much review might get reader confused.
Sometime , when many blogger post some review about a same movie , food or event . It might cause confusion for the readers as some blogger will say it is good , while some blogger will say it is bad . So , people , you can go try it yourself and judged it .

So , here you go , that's my 10 reason why i said bloggers are not that awesome afterall .

Lastly , i would like to say bloggers also human , we doesn't need to be so awesome . We should blog because of our passion to share great things to everyone , our interest and our hobbies, not because of fame and money. There doesn't need any rule and there's no limit for only who can blog . Everyone can blog ! That's all i want to say. 

Note : This blog post is just purely my personal opinion and suggestion. Thanks for reading and you are welcome to critic my blog post if you want. 

Till then , bye.


  1. Very nice said ,Jayren. =)
    *CLAP CLAP*, especially the 7th pics and the last statement. ;)

  2. So true! and I like what Donovan Chan said :D

  3. Wai no sexy girls pictures here?! Lol!

  4. agree! jayren, this post is honestly superb! it represents most bloggers (if not all), and voices for us. of course, bloggers rock in certain ways, and we all know it :)!

  5. So much agreed with all your statements!

    Some of them treat us like jerk here in KK, which I rather pay my own bills and fairly criticize them if they are having bad services (eg. restaurant).

    About invitation, I will be so much picky on that when I have one! Not in money form, but "RESPECT".

    So much of being myself as a BLOGGER in KK! I simply love blogging. :) Everyone blogger should have their personal style of writing!


  6. There is always that danger of being too common. When we are too event oriented, we will lose out in being unique as what we blog, others will blog the same thing too. And when we are so willing to attend and cover events and brands for free, we are actually losing value out of our blogs as advertisers see it that we are willing ti work for free hence not rewarding us in cash.

  7. nicely done bro...can't get any better than this.. actually, blogging to most of us is a hobby rather than profession like what most think it is. I don't hate if ppl kept doing review post one after another but I hated myself for doing so if I hate too much consecutive review post (which will be this month sadly)..people got to know it's not all glamours for bloggers. what they saw on the news are only the tiny patch of cream at the top of the cake. We are not any much different from non-bloggers. I do dislike when ppl said I kept going for free food and kept getting free stuff (ipad 2 and blackberry torch), however, there's nothing in life that is free WITHOUT effort. Even if a friend treated u a meal, it would take some time to build that friendship. I had to blogged about it and sometimes had to hold all my negative remarks within..the contest i won, i took few days to think of it..sighh

  8. Sweet post. Keep up the honesty

    -Sam Insanity

  9. Eunice : Thanks ! =D

    Hilda : Thanks ! Yeap ,i like what Donovan Chan said too ! =D

    Isaac : because i dont want to put la . =p

    Fish : haha , thanks! Yes , blogger rock in our own way . =D

    Meitzeu : Thanks! Yeap , i agreed with you too ! We must have our own personal style of writing.

    Merryn: Yeap , totally agree with you ! =D

    Anita : Thanks! Yeap , it is true ! =D

    Eric : Thanks! yeap , i feel you , but we got to bear with it la . sigh .

    Sam : Thanks for visit my blog ! =D Yeap , will do, will keep up the honesty . =D

    Joanney : Thanks ! =D

  10. Statement no 1- who complained wor? LOL! behind the scene.. :p

  11. J.Y Tan : This post is just my personal opinion and suggestion . Thanks ! =D

  12. woots! agreed! thanks for sharing jayren! :)

  13. Xue Ren - Thanks! and you are welcome yo ! =D

  14. haha! well said! agree wit 9. XD

  15. Simon - Haha ! Thanks simon ! Yeap , got to agree with that . =D

  16. like your post....agree most of statement...haha, I don't have good grammer and vocabulary but what is important for a blogger is to give our personal views and opinion to certain thing bravely..

  17. Jia Ying - Thanks for the like yo ! Yes , totally agree with you ! =D

  18. A good post with full of wits and consideration. :D

  19. Yes. Some of the the end of the day has turned into an advertising company's puppet. :/

  20. Totally agree on point 3. No use jealous on people. If they want it, just put some effort.

    I beg to differ on point 8 though. If what the person wrote about you is not the truth, it's hard to ignore. At least I can't accept that.


  21. Tekkaus : Thanks for your compliment! =D And i agree with you . =D

    Charmaine : Yeap , i know , i can feel you , i know sometime we can't accept something . But my point is you can reply that person but not so publicly la . =D

  22. Nicely written Jayren! I don't get much invites, but to get them, you got to be bold enough to stand out there to make friends, and get to know people. And it's not always about getting free stuff also. It's to widen your networking circle too. To which I am grateful to have known you all although I've only been mixing around for less than 4 month. haha! I really think it's your own effort that count. People won't simply invite you to stuff if they do not know you.

    It's also the blogging spirit that counts! :D

  23. Michelle - Thanks ! Yeap ! Totally agree with you ! We are all friendly blogger that want to widen our networking circle too yo. =D

  24. Good job jayren! Agree!In fact u all are a very friendly bunch of ppl.

  25. JQ - Thanks ! Yes , we are all friendly blogger . =D

    Ken - Lol ! wth . Thanks anyway ! =D

  26. Sigh. People always thinks bloggers come for FREE food and stuff. lol.

  27. Cutebun - Yeap , agree with you , but got to bear with it lo. Sooner or later , they will understand us 1 . =D

  28. Some bloggers are just simply awesome in their own ways, so be original. A well said Jayren! Two thumbs up!

  29. am i missing the Like button here?
    Nice post :)

  30. Roslyn - Thanks a lot ! =D
    Rielz - Hello , thanks for visit my blog ! And thanks for the comment ! =D

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  32. A high credit is going to be given to Jayren. What a wonderful post! *applause* I am going to share about it in my Facebook.

  33. Luporti - Thanks ! Okay , sure , you are always welcome to share it ! =D

  34. Wow... Really honest. Me likey point no 1.
    What about for those that just blog for me (like me)? no free movie tickets no free food :(