Saturday, 31 December 2011

Choulyew Surprise Belated Birthday Celebration

It all started with Choulyew's sister , Choulyin want to surprise her sister with a belated birthday celebration as she didn't really celebrate  Choulyew  actual birthday . So she invited few of us which were close to her in a facebook event named "Yew's Surprise Birthday Celebration" . The venue set at Austin Chase Sunway Giza on yesterday night . Well , the plan was Choulyin plan to cheat Choulyew that there will be a food review at Austin Chase on yesterday night and she will bring her to Austin Chase . While for the cake , I had order it on thursday night at a bakery nearby Sunway Giza . Then , i collected it on yesterday afternoon , and pass it to the Austin Chase staff for them to hide it in the freezer.

So , on yesterday night , after  Choulyew , Choulyin and Henry Lee reach there and seated down at the first floor of Austin Chase . All of us slowly reach Austin Chase Sunway Giza . Then , Choulyin and Henry Lee prepare to light up the birthday cake at ground floor of Austin Chase.

The birthday cake

American Chocalate cake from Baker's Inn

After that , Choulyin carry the cake to the first floor where we all seated and hide behind Choulyew . She still didn't aware of the surprise , she still thought that it was a food review , and she was happily capture photo for the review . 

Next , we sang birthday song , and Choulyew only realize that it was someone birthday today , but she still don't know we were celebrating her belated birthday . She knew it only after we sang "Happy Birthday to  Choulyew ! ". Our surprise plan really worked and sucessful ! Choulyew was really surprised by us ! 

Her epic surprised face . Haha 

Choulyew and her cake 

The sister , Choulyew and Choulyin

Choulyew thinking what wish shall she make . Haha 

She cutting the cake .

Choulyew , hope you enjoy the surprise birthday celebration ! Happy Belated Birthday !

Here's the people who attended : 

From left : Melissa and Elwyn

From left : Hui Min and Benjamin

Everyone enjoy eating the birthday cake , it was really delicious . 

We also ordered some drinks and food . Poor Benjamin , all the food he ordered were sold out . LOL

Our drinks 

Henry Lee's food 

Then , we played few round of Uno Stacko . It was a really challenging game and a game that stress you out . To make the game more awesome , we make the Uno Stacko unstable very fast and wait for who will make the Uno Stacko fall . It was a really good game played with them . 

Elwyn's turn , Jiayeen scared the Uno Stacko fall on her . 

Benjamin choosing to take which one out.

From left : Jiayeen and Choulyew

From left : Choulyew and me 

It was really a great night spend with great friend . 

This was my first time to Austin Chase Sunway Giza , and i really like the place , will definitely visit there again . 

Till then , bye.


  1. hahah thanks so much for the surprise!! i really didn't know hahah awesome friends :D

  2. OMG! My "concentrating" face. =.=

  3. Wow! Nice and epic surprise party!

  4. this place is pretty cool!! =D