Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Churpout with Nuffnang at Chatime Publika Eat Food Village

Thanks to Nuffnang and Churp Churp , i get to attend the Churpout with Nuffnang at Chatime Publika Eat Food Village on 5 November 2011. 

We went to register once we arrive.

Then , we que up to buy Chatime , as we were given some voucher to spend.

Tadaa, here's our Chatime ! 

We seated a while , and the event started. First up is the speeches by the owner of Chatime Publika , Mr. Richie.

Next is the speech by Nicholas Chay .

Then , Anne and May Ying give their speech too.

After that , few Churpers being interviewed by Anne.

Then , the game session started.

Me , Yeongboon , Jiayeen , and Bendan formed a team to join the game.

Photo credited to Simonseow

We are required to guess the 8 flavour of Chatime in 8 cup without label . Pretty easy right ? But it ain't easy i tell you .

And at last , the winner was...

Benjamin's team which consist of him , IsaacSarah and Janet

And it was the end of the event . We took a group photo.

Photo credit to Isaac

Photo credit to Benjamin

The door gift and the voucher

After that , some of us decided to stay back to have dinner there as we still got some voucher to spend.So now , let me introduce you the food stall at Eat Food Village .

I ate Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee and it taste awesome ! We leave the place at around 7pm.

Overall , it was a great and sucessful gathering . 

Till then , bye. 

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  1. Long overdue! it was a really good blogger/tweeter gathering tho :D