Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Citygolf Bangsar Shopping Center

Ever feel like playing golf but scared of the hot sun . Now , you can play it at indoor too .

Thanks to Benjamin , I am invited to a golf stimulation experience at Citygolf , Bangsar Shopping Center.

Melissa , Benjamin , and Elwyn arrived there the earliest. 

Now , let me tour you around Citygolf. 

They have a real golf field. 

Waiting Area
The Bar
Indoor Seating Area

Outdoor Seating Area 

Pool and magazine area 

Waiting lounge for your comfort when waiting for your turn to play.

The golf stimulator screen .
Now , let me introduce to you our trainer. 

He teaching us how to play. 

Now let me show you all the golf player of the day . 

Choulyew . Photo credit to Jiayeen
Melissa. Photo credit to Jiayeen
Benjamin. Photo credit to Jiayeen

Me . Photo credit to Jiayeen

It was indeed a great experience . People , go try it now ! 

The Price
You can host your event there. 
Their Personal Membership 

Till then , bye.


  1. good times right? why don't have photo of you golfing? XD

  2. Isaac : Yea , good time , got my golfing photo ah , the last photo . =D

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