Sunday, 4 December 2011

French language is a beautiful language

Still remember on 2008 , when i still studying at UTAR , i had took French language level 1 lesson before. At that time , i just feel like want to study a new language. Japanese , Korean is too common , everyone study it . And at that time i think French language is special , so i took it and i never regret learning French language . I love it !

Recently , i look back at my French language notebook and kind of revise it . Since i know French language , i shall use it and write some basic french language here .
Note : I just know some basic French language , so don't laugh at me if it is wrong ya . Thanks. So , let me introduce myself using french language .

Bonjour , Je m'apelle Monsieur Jayren . Je suis Malaisien d' Origine Chinoise. Je suis HELP universite etudiante. J'habite a K.L. J'ai 23 ans.

Aurevoir , Bonne Journee.

As i say , it is just a very basic french word , i guess you all can know what it means right .

Till then , bye.


  1. I guess I only understand what Bonjour means and roughly i think you mention your name, and malaysia and chinese and from Help Uni and you're 23? :P Indeed French is less common but somehow I think it's quite tough to learn.

  2. Hilda, haha , yeap , u got 8o% correct ! =D French not that tough la . haha =D

  3. Once I would love to learn French too!

    I could guess what are you saying though (not 10% lar).

    Hi, my name is Mr Jayre, Chinese originated, once studying at Help Uni, Born in KL and 23 yrs old. hhahaa


  4. Muy bueno! =D I learnt spanish in uni. Hehe.

  5. I've always wanted to learn French! :D Now all I can say is "I don't understand you" and "Bon Apetite" wtf

  6. French KISS is even better! Bluek :P

  7. I think I only understand 2...bon apetite...and bon voyage? :D

  8. i gonna learn french in my next semester :D