Thursday, 22 December 2011

Tutti Frutti Dessert Review

Thanks to Ryan , i get to attend a Dessert Review at Tutti Frutti at Solaris Dutamas on 20 December 2011. 

Tutti Frutti is a Froyo , Frozen Yogurt . So , do you froyo ? 

Don't understand ? Is okay , let me explain step by step how you make a Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt.

First , take a paper bowl. There are 3 size of paper bowl , small , medium , and big . 

Next , choose your own flavour. There are choices of Vanilla , Cookies & Cream , Original , Green Apple , Death by Chocalate , and Tutti Frutti. After you decided that which flavour of frozen yogurt , just go to that flavour machine , and pour out your desired flavour of frozen yogurt.

Then , choose your toppings . There are a lot of choices of topping. Photo Credit to Choulyew

After that , you can pour some Hershey Shell or Hershey Syrup on top of your frozen yogurt .

Lastly , bring your  Frozen Yogurt to the counter and weigh it and pay. It is RM 0.53 per 10 grams. 

It is that simple , with just five steps , you can enjoy your frozen yogurt.

Now , let see our masterpiece and end product.

Mine. Cookies n Cream with Oreo, Milo balls, honey stars and raisins. Photo Credit to Choulyew

Ryan's Frozen Yogurt. Death by Chocolate with Milo balls, corn flakes and chocolate dressing. Photo Credit to Choulyew

Jiayeen's Frozen Yogurt. Green Apple with gummy bears, peach, strawberry and chocolate dressing. Photo Credit to Choulyew

Alicia's Frozen Yogurt. Tutti Frutti with longan, peach, strawberry and strawberry dressing. Photo Credit to Choulyew

Choulyew's Frozen Yogurt. Original with corn flakes. Photo Credit to Choulyew

Every flavour of Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt have their own unique delicious taste. But overall , i still prefer the Original flavour of Tutti Frutti.

Top from left : Ryan and Alicia , Bottom from left : Jiayeen and me. Photo Credit to Choulyew

This is Choulyew. Photo Credit to Choulyew

By looking at our happy face after eating the Tutti Frutti , you all can know that we are enjoying the frozen yogurt and it taste awesomely delicious! 

Lastly , let me share to you all a video of our Tutti Frutti experience. 

Sharing is Caring ma ! 

Already drooling for the Frozen Yogurt ? Faster head to your nearest Tutti Frutti then ! 

A good news for you all , will be having a great deal of Tutti Frutti soon , stay tuned to this blog post . Here's the deal ,  [50% OFF] RM4 instead of RM8 cash coupon for Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt @ Solaris Dutamas Outlet only.

Solaris Dutamas,
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480, KL
Dessert Review by jayrenthezompire,
Till then , bye.


  1. Choulyew looks so cute in the last photo!! :D

  2. woot, choulyew's photos very nice! :)

    Tutti frutti seems like a lot of fun :)

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  3. hahah! So funny the last pic. "This is Choulyew" LOL btw, thanks for the credit back :)

    enjoyed the time there! awesome froyo

  4. By the look of it..must be expensive aye? But never mind lor. Once in a while indulge can lar. :D

  5. Nice dessert review and I love Tutti Frutti !:) hahahaha

  6. I like this.. I just finish a cup of this..