Friday, 30 December 2011

Wingz Music Cafe SS15 Food Review

Thanks to and Ryan Mo , I get to attend a food review at Wingz Music Cafe SS15 , Subang Jaya on yesterday night.

They have live band perform every night after 9pm . 

The bar

Here are the appetizer they served us .

Mushroom Soup 

My personal comment : It was just a normal mushroom soup . The mushroom soup is a bit cold , not warm enough.

Here's the main course they served us . 

Juicy Grilled Chicken with Homestyle Sauce (RM14.90)

My Comment : The Juicy Grilled Chicken is just like other normal grilled chicken , their sauce is not thick enough , and the chicken is a little bit cold , not warm enough , the mash potato also not warm enough.

Southern Grilled Fillet with Mushroom Sauce (RM14.90)

My Comment : You can really taste the fish meat in the Southern Grilled Fillet , but it was a little bit cold , not warm enough.

Here's the additional snack they served to us .

Wingz Italian Magic Fries (RM7.90)

My Comment : The fries is crispy and crunchy , add on with their homemade special sweet sauce , the Wingz Italian Magic Fries is tasty . 

Just a personal comment : Hope they will reheat the food before served to their customer . 

Here's the drink we ordered : 

Honeydew Milk Tea (RM9.90)

My Comment : The drink is not too sweet , just nice , and there are a little bit of mint taste which i like . 

Sunshine Yolk (RM9.90)

It is not my drink , but according to Adriene Wong , another blogger who attend the food review , the drink is nice . 

Overall , Wingz Music Cafe SS15 was a great place to chill and listen to great music by their live band while enjoying their cheap and affordable food . 

Drooling already ? Here's a good news , will have a great deal with Wingz Music Cafe SS15 soon . 

The deals are RM 9.90 nett for One Main course (either Juicy Grill Chicken or Southern Grill fillet) + One Mushroom soup worth RM 21.34 (54% OFF) and Additional 15% OFF for Magic Fries Classic, Mayolicious magic fries, or Wings Italian magic fries for additional order and whoever carry the coupon.

So , Stay tuned to ! I will update the deals here once it is up ! 

Wingz Music Cafe SS15
48, Ground Flr, Jalan SS 15/4, 
Subang Jaya47500 Selangor .

Food Review by Jayrenthezompire,
Till then , bye .


  1. Seems like they serve their food cold, a big no no *shake head* The deal is indeed worth it but it would be better if they include drinks as well.

  2. wing's cafe is always that bad in terms of tastiness of food and services. there's one near to my house but i don't wish to revisit the cafe anymore.

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  3. nice, the portion of the fries look kinda big :P

  4. I thought wings cafe would have their own special chicken wing. Something like that.