Thursday, 26 January 2012

How to drive like a Malaysian

As i had drive in Malaysia for about 5 years ++ , let me teach you how to drive like a Malaysian .

1. Drive out of the box or line , one car on two lane like you own the road .

2. Just turn , NO NEED to put signal left or right .

3.  U- Turn from the second lane.

4. When you driving on the fast lane and you saw a car driving very slow in front , just tail the car as if you
     want to kiss the car in front .

5. When you saw an accident , REMEMBER to stop and stare at the accident scene .

6. When you saw yellow light , just step on your pedal and speed all the way .

7. Red light doesn't mean stop .

8. When you saw green light from far , step on your oil pedal and speed all the way .

9. NEVER put signal when you cut into another lane , because they will certainly wont let you cut into their
    lane when you do so.

10 .  When there's heavy traffic jam on the road or highway , just use the emergency lane .

There's a lot more if i were to teach you to drive like Malaysian , so i shall stop here . Admit it people , everyone will at least did one of the thing i mentioned here .

Anyway , drive safe and Happy Chinese New Year to everyone . Hope Dragon year will bring you all luck !

Till then , bye .


  1. ahahahhaha!! no need to put signal! xD

  2. Charmaine : i got to admit i am one of them ! =D

    HouHouSek : I know right . =D