Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Journey To The First Sunrise Of 2012 At Broga Hill

Still remember what i did on the first day of 2011 , let me remind you here , read this to know what i did on 1-1-11. Yes , i went to broga hill to see the first sunrise of 2011 . And this year i did it again , it was a random decision for me to join another group of friend to see the first sunrise of 2012 at Broga Hill . Only Me and Henry is the second time to see the first sunrise .

So , at 3.30am on 1-1-12 , we meet up at Choulyew place and off we drive to Broga Hill . The people who went this time round are me , Richard , Shaun ,Henry , Choulyin , and Choulyew.

We reach Broga Hill at about 5am.

From Left :  Richard , Henry , Choulyin , Choulyew , and Shaun

From Left : Me , Richard , Choulyin , Choulyew , and Shaun

We reach the first peak at about 6am .


We reached the top peak . puncak broga at about 6.50am, and we sat there to wait for the sunrise. 

Waiting . 

Still waiting

The sky as of 7am . 

Still waiting 

Sky begin to turn brighter.

Okay , i know you all cant wait to see the sunrise . So , here it is . 

Sorry to dissapoint you all , the sunrise were blocked by the cloud as it was cloudy on that morning.

We walk down at 8am.

It was indeed a great, fun , and challenging activities. A great and awesome way to kickstart 2012 !

We reach the ground at 10am , after eat our breakfast at somewhere nearby , we headed back home . It was totally worth it to not sleep a night for the great scenery .


  1. haha our pictures look so funny!!! >.< we all look so energetic in the beginning and so tired in the end :p

    but nice pictures!!!!! let's go there again next year!

  2. good initiative on the first day of the year :) i think i need to climb this hill within this year too!