Thursday, 26 January 2012

Love and hate relationship during Chinese New Year

There's always love and hate relationship during Chinese New Year.

1. Before Chinese New Year , we got to help our parent to clean and decorate the house  , and we might hate it as we will be impatient and feel tired easily .

But you will love it when you see your house is clean and full with Chinese New Year decoration . 

2. You might hate it when you got to wake up early on the reunion day before Chinese New Year as you got to help your parents or elderly to prepare things to pray your ancestor . But you will love it when you saw so many great food that you can only enjoy eating it during reunion day . 

3.  Every year we will sure lousang during reunion day or even before that , and we love it !

 But think about those who got to clean the mess after the chopstick war , i bet they will hate it .

4. Everyone love cookies ! 

For guys , they will just eat and eat and eat , but for girls , they will feel oily and fat , so they will avoid eating too much . And for adult like me , i dont really eat as every year is almost the same cookies and snack . Kids will love it , they will eat without any worries . And what we hate the most is we got to eat finish all the leftover cookies after Chinese New Year , really very suffering . If we dont eat it , then it will be wasted . 

5. Everyone of us love Angpow ! 

But those who giving out the angpow will hate it , especially those who just married and it is their first year of giving out angpow , because they cant take back the money they give out . Haha.

6. We all love to gamble during Chinese New Year. 

We will love it and be happy if we win money , but we will hate it and be sad if we keep losing money . 

Hope Dragon Year will be a prosperous year for everyone ! A new year , a new beginning , forget the past and move on to the future ! 


  1. Happy Chinese New Year! you're house is nice...:)

  2. Am I the only guy who has stayed away with all the CNY treats?

  3. Happy CNY Jayren! Have a great dragon year ahead :D

  4. gong hei fatt choy! a very true love hate cny. but in my case, i'll add in one item. since i am married, i'm giving out more ang pows than receiving them. aaargh!

  5. Anne : Happy Chinese New Year to you too ! Thanks for your compliment ! =D

    Darran : No , you are not , i am trying to avoid too ! =D

    Hilda : Happy CNY to you too ! Have a great dragon year ! =D

    MeiTzeu : Gong Hei Fatt Choy ! Huat ahh ! =D

    Missyblurkit : haha , so cham , must get used to it la . Gong hei fatt choy ! =D

    HouHouSek : Everyone love that ! =D

  6. i don't really eat biscuits during CNY, phobia hahhaa :DD I just enjoy the moment being with family and friends.

    Happy CNY to u! Get more angpow hehehhe

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