Friday, 27 January 2012

What Men Want ?

Had you ever think what do men really want ? Love ? Sex ? Money ? Success ? What if i tell you there's no answer towards this question . Men do had feelings , men do think , and most importantly not every men are the same . Men also can be as complicated as a women can be .

What Men Want , a reality TV show by local production house phoSumpro and derived from the format of award-winning reality show , What Women Want bring the question to another whole new level . There are no judges , no competition , no reward and no ultimate winner that can be found  in this reality show . It will only committed to find an avenue to let men honestly express themself .

In this reality show , six young men with completely different perspectives , experiences ,and personalities will stay together for three month and guide you through the intimate details of their lives as they pursue what they want in life . Their life will be recorded with camera live . Every scene you see in the reality show is true and real . Their only mission is to truly investigate about the debate of  what men really want .

There will be a lot of up and down , jealousy , fighting , argument , happy and emotional moment in this reality show . There are also nice guy , emotional guy , playboy , romantic guy , guy who listen to their girlfriend , and loyal guy.

Hosted by Deanna Yusoff , What Men Want is an interesting reality show for guy to know themselves more , and for girl and women  to know more about what men really want . Audience will surely entertained by the reality show.

Here's the host :

Deanna Yusoff 

Here's are the six guy profile : 

At one glance you would think Fendi is the epitomy of “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  Serious, stuffy, resolute on getting his way, expecting to be catered to, confident of his leadership skills and thinks he’s always right are descriptions the other guys bestow on him.  And yet, it’s very difficult to dislike him completely.  Perhaps, it’s because people like him run companies well, even countries.  He sincerely wants what’s best for everyone and sometimes; he knows it before they do.  But is running a large corporation or the world what Fendi himself really wants? 

Gerrit is the man your mother warned you about.  He is the reason why fathers buy shotguns.  He is also the secret ingredient in every woman’s rebellious fantasy. Shaving cream, leather jackets and motorcycles need him in every ad to look cool.  Don’t ask him how deep his bad boy appeal goes (unless you want to).  He’ll just give you a dirty answer.
And that’s what he is. Dirty.  Sexy. He can make you tingle down to your toes just by looking at you. So is it really his fault for playing when he is the game’s MVP (most valuable player)?  “Will he ever want anything more?” echoes in the thoughts of most women out there.

Ken is a ball of contradictions.  He has worked with some of the country’s best creative minds and the tip of his pen has sketched out many successful campaigns.  If he would walk around with a bloated ego, people would accept it – perhaps even expect it.  Instead, his heart pounds at every pitch and he withdraws at social events.  He explains that he lacks confidence, but he always has the courage to speak the truth no matter what consequence lies ahead.  And though he looks like a gangster, he values love above all else. His days are filled with trying to fulfill what his girlfriend wants and yet feels his efforts are worthless.  What of him then?  What does he want?

Watching him on stage and in music videos as the drummer of One Buck Short, it’s easy to assume he’s one of those daredevil, crazy rock guys. That is until you hear him speak.  Suddenly, the unwavering energy you saw on stage is replaced by relaxed seriousness.  Carry a conversation with him and you’ll realise that he’s humble intellectual, quick-witted, well read and pays attention to your every word. Get him to play the guitar and sing and you’ll be transfixed with the emotions he readily bares through his music. If you catch the shy smile, soulful eyes and eagerness to fall in love… you realize just how wrong your assumptions were.


Kit is a full time marketer, part-time model, and fitness buff in a long –term relationship with an actress.  That description alone could spell trouble if not for the constant guidance he receives from his mother.  Do a quick search online and out pops Kits model pictures, vanity written all over.  Who would have known that he would turn out to be one of the most grounded, pragmatic and career-focused men you could meet? He prioritises his mother above all else, but is far from being your typical mama’s boy. He has taken care of his girlfriend well for the past 8 years, developing a strong relationship as well as a wealth of expectations. When things are going well, it shouldn’t be a problem.  However, for Kit, everything has led to a crossroad of family, marriage, career or personal pursuits.  

In the journey to find himself, Wolfie seemed to have forgotten his toiletry bag and along with it, his shaver, comb and scissors. Having grown a mane in the process, he got quite a lot of attention from passersby and the general public. He has kept the fur along with the idea that he has finally found his true identity.
And thus he unleashed the wolf from within and embraced his “uniqueness”.  His biggest dream (for now) is to be housebroken and kept as a pet by an all-female Korean girl group. From what we’ve observed, his dreams and wants change by the hour.

Want to know more about those guy , and want to know what men really want ? Then be sure to catch What Men Want starting from tomorow , 28 January 2012 , every saturday , 10pm , only on NTV7 , the home of feel good.

Thanks to NTV7 , I had watch the first episode of What Men Want , and i find it really interesting to know the guy more , to see all the fighting , argument , disrespect , romantic , jealousy , sweet and happy moment in the reality show . Guys , you really got to watch this reality show to know what you really want in life . And girls , you really got to watch this reality show to know what men really want in life.

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Hope you all enjoy the reality show ! 


  1. haha the guys all look quite hot >.< but not my type :p

  2. Reminds me to watch and review too. LOL. Now I go watch. haha

  3. i saw leng zai :D next time you should post "what Jayren wants" XD

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