Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Everyone deserved to love and to be loved !

Well , as much as i don't want to admit , i got to admit that today is Valentine's Day . Everyone deserved to be loved today . Today is a day of love ! Show some love to your parents , your friends , your sibling , and everyone ! Valentine's day is not only for couple , it's a day for everyone to express their love to all the people they love. Here is a nice short film that i want to shared with you all.

This is a video by TheGrimFilm .

Back to my topic , everyone deserved to love and to be love. I know that everyone have their so called dream guy / girl which must have some criteria , but then when you love someone , all that criteria doesn't matter anymore right . Age , what she study , occupation all those also doesn't matter when you really love someone right . So why matters about all those thing , just be yourself and dont ever try to change the person you love , let them be themself too . Everyone have their past , and if you really love that person , their past will not affect you and you shouldn't mind about it . What it matters is present and future. Everyone deserved a chance to be loved or to love someone . An example would be Nick , he already have his true love , his wife . Congratulation to him . 

Photo credit to weibo.com 

For those who are in a relationship or already married , good luck and appreciate your another half , love is a commitment , be tolerate , and take care of her or him , don't easily give up on him or her . There's no second chance when you break his or her heart , so don't break her /his heart and don't hurt him or her easily . 

For those who are still single , don't lost hope , there are a person in the universe who are waiting for you , it is just a matter of time , be patience and wait for your love . Love when you are ready , not when you are lonely . 

Happy Valentine's day to everyone ! To everyone , i love you all ! 

Love , 


  1. well said Jayren :) I couldn't agree with you more.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too! :)

  2. He is everyone's inspiration. =D

  3. Xue Ren - Happy Valentine's day to you too ! =D

    Joanney - Happy Valentine's day to you too ! =D

    Choulyin - Thanks for your compliment ! Happy Valentine's day to you too ! =d

    Junfook - Yes , Nick is our inspirations . =D

  4. Happy Valentine's day to U!


  5. Meitzeu : happy valentine's day to you too ! =D

  6. Have mid terms. Dont get to watch it T_T

  7. The wedding picture brought tears to my eyes... sniff sniff..