Friday, 30 March 2012

Gala Premiere of We Not Naughty 孩子不坏 2012

Thanks to MM2 Entertainment for the invite , i get to attend the Gala Premiere of We Not Naughty 孩子不坏 at GSC Tropicana City Mall on yesterday night . 

The Gala Premiere Ticket 

The Movie Poster

The Stage 

The VIP area

The Food

At 8.30pm , the red carpet started.

 The emcee from One FM

Miss Malaysia World 2011 Winner came to support and watch the movie too.

Now i present you the cast of We Not Naughty 孩子不坏 .

From left : shawn lee 李创锐 ,Eric Moo 巫啟賢,
                  Joshua Ang 洪赐建 ,Jack Neo 梁智强,
Daniel Chan 陳曉東

The cast of We Not Naughty 孩子不坏 signing the backdrop

From left : Shawn Lee 李创锐 ,Jack Neo 梁智强,
 Eric Moo 巫啟賢,
    Daniel Chan 陳曉東,Joshua Ang 洪赐建 

The cast of We Not Naughty 孩子不坏 with the main media

The cast of We Not Naughty 孩子不坏 with the representatives from Taylor University

I also won myself a limited autographed notebook from the Q&A session.

We enter the cinema hall to watch We Not Naughty  孩子不坏 at 9pm.

Genre: Comedy/Drama
Director: Jack Neo
Cast: Daniel Chan, Xiang Yun, Shawn Lee, Joshua Ang, Cherry Hsia, Loi Fey Huei, Eric Moo, Yan Li Ming, Jacky Chin, Amos Yee
Runtime: 2 hrs 17 mins

Wei Jie and Jian Ren are best of friends in school, and they both face their share of family problems; Wei Jie has a gambling addict father and his mother who does not think highly of him always condemns him. Jian Ren comes from a well-to-do single parent family but has an estranged relationship with his mother. He becomes rebellious to spite his mother and even becomes a runner for the loansharks. They both share the talent and interest on gadgets inventions but their efforts are never recognized. CK, as their lecturer, tries to build a rapport with the boys but ends up being snubbed. His patience pays off and the boys end up seeking help from him for their family problems. CK even help the boys to create an invention for a competition. However, their invention is misused by the loansharks and in an attempt to stop that, CK, Wei Jie and Jian Ren’s lives are at risk.

My Personal Review of the movie
Directed by Jack Neo , and starring by Joshua Ang and Shawn Lee from I not stupid 小孩不笨 1 and 2 , We Not Naughty 孩子不坏 really have an awesome storyline . I had been waiting to watch this movie , and after watching the movie , i am not dissapointed , in fact  the movie was beyond my expectation . We Not Naughty 孩子不坏   was really funny , sad , sweet emotional , full of moral values , friends and family values . To tell you the truth , i cried and tears three times when watching the movie . The first scene that make me cried are when Nicole's (Wei Jie's sister) hair being cut and shaved by her own mum after she been bullied by her classmates and had a wound at her head. Watching both Nicole and her mum (Acted by Xiang Yun 向云) cry , i cried too. Hair is very important to a girl . The second scene i cried is when Wei Jie ( acted by Shawn Lee ) and Jian Ren ( acted by Joshua Ang ) help their teacher Mr. Liew's wife (acted by Cherry Hsia 夏如芝) to deliver their baby ,Wei Jie and Jian Ren discover that every mother had to gone through a very painful process to born their children out to the world . Then , Wei Jie and Jian Ren know that how noble their mother are and they start to appreciate their mother. The third scene that make me cried are the scene where Wei Jie's father push his mother towards the wall , and Wei Jie's mother coma , while Wei Jie's brother and sister keep asking their mother to wake up . I feel touched also when Wei Jie take care of his sister and his brother when their mother is in coma .

The family values that the movie want to express is every parent should never neglect their children and should love all their children with no bias . The friendship values i learn is take care your friend , this can be shown through the good friendship between Wei Jie and Jian Ren .

The moral values the movie want to express is promise to do what you promise to people . Mr Liew ( act by Daniel Chan ) run naked after loses in the helicopter competition with Wei Jie and Jian Ren . He do what he promise to do . Another moral values the movie want to express is never give up on yourself and don't look down on yourself , everyone have their own talent. Mr. Liew ( act by Daniel Chan ) keep encouraging Wei Jie and Jian Ren to not to give up on themself and at last they both receive scholarship.

Another moral values the movie try to express is  we should be positive when in danger because it may turn us to a fine and safe situation, 危机就是转机. Jian Ren's mother , Ms. Phoon (acted by Yan Li Ming 颜黎明) still ask Wei Jie and Jian Ren be positive when they were chased by Ah long . She also keep persuade the Ah long to let go of her son by keep telling positive words to the Ah long . 

The last moral values that the movie want to express is you will get a payback for the wrong thing you had done . Wei Jie's sister , Nicole try to create a false rumour and insult about her classmate , Kim on facebook , and at last she got her hair cut by Kim friend .

The movie also try to express that children are not naughty but is they choose to be naughty because of some reason. 

Overall , the movie was really awesome , this is definitely a must watch movie . I really recommend you all to watch this movie , it is really very worth it . We Not Naughty 孩子不坏 will be up in all Malaysia cinema on 5 April 2012 . Remember to go watch the movie ! It's definitely a must watch movie ! 

Oh yea , we get a free Chatime after the movie as Chatime are one of the sponsor of We Not Naughty孩子不坏.

Me with my Chatime

From left : Kian Fai , Choulyin , Henry Lee and Michelle Leong with their Chatime

Below are my blogger friend that attend the Gala Premiere as well. 

Eunice and her friend

From Left : Missyblurkit's partner , Missyblurkit , and Henry Lee

So , people , remember to go to the cinema to watch We Not Naughty  孩子不坏 on 5 April 2012 ya ! 

Movie Review by JayrenTheZompire,
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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Wok Dish Way food review

Last saturday  , i was invited by Nikel to a food review at Wok Dish Way , Kota Damansara . 

Below are the food we tasted that day .

LeiCha with Brown Rice (RM8.90)

LeiCha with White Rice (RM7.90)

LeiCha Fried Rice (RM9.40)

Their LeiCha is nice and healthy with all the vegetables . I personally like their special created LeiCha Fried Rice , it is special and tasty . 

Deep Fried Pork with Red Beancurd (RM8-RM15)

This dish is crispy and crunchy , it's so good to bite and it is just nice , not too salty . 

Special Pork Trotter in Vinegar (RM11-RM30)

This dish is the 'bomb'. It taste so nice and the pork meat is just nice , not too fat yet not too thin . 

Mee Hun Kuey Segamat Style (RM6.90)

This mee hun kuey is special , the mee hun kuey is soft and nice to bite , while the soup is tasty . 

Crispy Fried Chicken (RM15)

This crispy fried chicken is fried with four type of spices and the chicken is crispy and well marinated . 

Crispy Seaweed with Chicken Floss (RM7.90)

This is a good snack for you to munch.

Sweet & Sour Deep Fried Talapia (RM15-RM35)

Talapia fish is a new menu , it can be steam with sauces or deep fried.

Jiang Bao Dish (RM10)

This Jiang Bao Dish is spicy and the meat is juicy with sauces. You will eat and eat without stopping after you eat it . 

Special Cucumber (RM4)

Just a normal cucumber with soy sauce. 

Cendol (RM6.90)

The cendol is big enough for two person . It is not too sweet , the gula melaka is made by themself , and the cendol is strong with pandan taste . 

Below are the drink we drink on that day . 

Ice Blended LeiCha (RM7.90)

This LeiCha drink is really full of the aroma of basil and mint , recommended for people who like LeiCha.

Special Drink with Blackcurrant (RM3.50)

Special Drink (RM3.50)

Ice Blended Red Bean (RM6.90)

Ice Blended Cucumber Lemon (RM6.90)

These were all the drink recommended by the shop owner . 

The blogger who attend the food review that day . 

Address : Wok Dish Way 步滋道小厨

2A-1, Jalan PJU 5/10, Kota Damansara,

47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-61507496 / 012-7657580

Business Hours: Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm 

(Off at Alternate Sunday)

Food Review by JayrenTheZompire , 
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Monday, 26 March 2012

Excuses for being late

I'm sure everyone experienced the time when they are late to appointment , work , or class , and can't think of any excuses to explain . So , here are some excuses i suggest :

1.  I don't have a clock or watch at home , i just roughly judge what time is it .

2. The sky is so dark that i thought it is still at night . 

3. I just follow the majority . 

4. I wasn't late , i just failed to be on time.

5. I need to wait for a group of dog to cross the road , i don't want to have nightmare after bang them . See how kind i am . 

6. Are your time that accurate ? How do you know that your clock follow the universal time ? 

7. I just set my time according to the radio station , blame them for not being accurate . 

8. My car key broke and it stuck in side the engine starter key hole .

9. My left turn signal was out so I had to make all right turns.

10. There's no use to be on time , no one appreciate it at all . 

11. There's a serious accident happen on the road , so i got to make way and let few ambulance , police car , and firefighter to pass through , i just follow the rules . 

12. The traffic light keep turning red when i reach the traffic light . 

13. There's a gun fight between police and criminal on the middle of the road , i don't want to get myself killed , so i stop at the roadside . 

14. My car can't start after the heavy flood cover half of my car on yesterday night . 

15. My pet died yesterday , i need some time alone to buried my pet . 
16. I was imagining what it would be like in your shoes

17. The elevator is so slow . 

18. There's some kid playing with my apartment elevator , he press all the floor button and the elevator stop at every floor . While i stay at the top floor , i had no choice to wait for the elevator to reach the ground floor . It's not my fault!

19. My car speed meter spoiled and not moving , so i got to drive very slow to avoid speed trap cameras.

20. My neighbour commit suicide and he accurately land on the roof of my car causing my car damage ,and the police had close the crime scene , the police warned me not to move my car . You do know  that we will be charged with penalty if we disturb the crime scene right ? so , i stucked at home waiting for taxi .

21. I am so happened to passing by a protest and demonstration , and the police misunderstand me as one of the protestor , and he arrest me . I tried to explain , but he ask me to explain when i reach the
police station.

22. My alarm clock no more battery , so it didn't rang and i can't wake up without an alarm.

23. I woke up late and i realized that i wore my pajamas out , so i went back home and changed .  I don't want to be on the headline on newspaper , social media or 9gag . 

24.  I'm low on sugar and i feel dizzy when i woke up , i need to rest and eat some food . You don't want to be blame on abusing me , aren't you ?

25. Obviously , why ask somemore ? want to spank me ? Oh yeahhh...

26. I'm not late , i'm just early for tomorrow . 

27. There's so many school in my housing area , so i got to stop everytime i reach the school to let all the student to cross the road , it really slow down me . 

28.  I'm so concentrated on doing the work you give , so i lost track of the time.

29. I'm still learning the art of being on time , i need more training . 

30. The waiter accidentally spilled coffee on my shirt , so i need to change to the spare shirt i bring .You wouldn't want me to spoiled our company reputation in front of the client right ?   

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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Live a limitless life

There's never a limit in life . Everyone can do anything and everything in life . Never give up and have hope in life . Although everyone have a plan for life , but that doesn't mean that you can't change your life . If you fail one time in doing anything you like or you want to do , never give up , and try again and again , and one day you will be successful . If you always say you cant do that in life , then you cant , trust yourself , say you can and you sure can do it ! Nothing is impossible in life , give it a try , and you will be amazed ! Never try , never know , so why not give it a try !

 Life is never boring , in fact it is beautiful , it is how you see life . Life is full of surprises , there's many thing await you . There's something more for you . So , when somebody break your heart , cry a river , build a bridge and get it over , because somebody will be there soon after for you and he / she will  sew and mend your heart . There's no use to live in the past , we shall live happily now and believe that there are someone or something waiting for you to achieve and get it . 

Actually , everything is in our hand , we decide our own future , we decide to get what we want or what we want to do and we can control our own life . Don't just dream , but realized it . Never envy someone for having something that we don't have , we just need to work hard and earn it ourself . Great things come with effort . I believe that we will happy to get something we want by our own hard earned money . We should live our life everyday like there's no tomorrow , because life is unpredictable . We should be thankful for everyday we have . Time will never be limit for us , but is fear that limit us . So , just overcome your fear , and you will feel that there are no limit in our life . 

Never feel sad or give up when we fail on something , because it means nothing for those who are in hunger or got disabilities , if they have limit but yet they can make it  , there's nothing limit us , why we cant make it ?  Just tell yourself that you still have so many more days and have  so many thing more to discover and experience , this is just a small lesson in life . Believe that there's wont have success if you never failed before . Nothing come easily in life , but it will if you give it a try . Failure is not the end of your life , give up and never have hope or faith again will only be the end of your life . Money is never a limit in life , not everything can judge , valued , determined and bought with money . Money can't give you happiness , so if someone say you are poor , just ignored it as long as you are happy with your life . Life might change , they will be poor at anytime and you may be rich at anytime . But remember to be humble and still keep your values when you are rich .  

So , live your life to infinity , whatever impossible may become possible if you believe in it . Just give your life a chance to change and never limit your life , and you will see how beautiful is your life . 

Thanks for reading ,