Monday, 26 March 2012

Excuses for being late

I'm sure everyone experienced the time when they are late to appointment , work , or class , and can't think of any excuses to explain . So , here are some excuses i suggest :

1.  I don't have a clock or watch at home , i just roughly judge what time is it .

2. The sky is so dark that i thought it is still at night . 

3. I just follow the majority . 

4. I wasn't late , i just failed to be on time.

5. I need to wait for a group of dog to cross the road , i don't want to have nightmare after bang them . See how kind i am . 

6. Are your time that accurate ? How do you know that your clock follow the universal time ? 

7. I just set my time according to the radio station , blame them for not being accurate . 

8. My car key broke and it stuck in side the engine starter key hole .

9. My left turn signal was out so I had to make all right turns.

10. There's no use to be on time , no one appreciate it at all . 

11. There's a serious accident happen on the road , so i got to make way and let few ambulance , police car , and firefighter to pass through , i just follow the rules . 

12. The traffic light keep turning red when i reach the traffic light . 

13. There's a gun fight between police and criminal on the middle of the road , i don't want to get myself killed , so i stop at the roadside . 

14. My car can't start after the heavy flood cover half of my car on yesterday night . 

15. My pet died yesterday , i need some time alone to buried my pet . 
16. I was imagining what it would be like in your shoes

17. The elevator is so slow . 

18. There's some kid playing with my apartment elevator , he press all the floor button and the elevator stop at every floor . While i stay at the top floor , i had no choice to wait for the elevator to reach the ground floor . It's not my fault!

19. My car speed meter spoiled and not moving , so i got to drive very slow to avoid speed trap cameras.

20. My neighbour commit suicide and he accurately land on the roof of my car causing my car damage ,and the police had close the crime scene , the police warned me not to move my car . You do know  that we will be charged with penalty if we disturb the crime scene right ? so , i stucked at home waiting for taxi .

21. I am so happened to passing by a protest and demonstration , and the police misunderstand me as one of the protestor , and he arrest me . I tried to explain , but he ask me to explain when i reach the
police station.

22. My alarm clock no more battery , so it didn't rang and i can't wake up without an alarm.

23. I woke up late and i realized that i wore my pajamas out , so i went back home and changed .  I don't want to be on the headline on newspaper , social media or 9gag . 

24.  I'm low on sugar and i feel dizzy when i woke up , i need to rest and eat some food . You don't want to be blame on abusing me , aren't you ?

25. Obviously , why ask somemore ? want to spank me ? Oh yeahhh...

26. I'm not late , i'm just early for tomorrow . 

27. There's so many school in my housing area , so i got to stop everytime i reach the school to let all the student to cross the road , it really slow down me . 

28.  I'm so concentrated on doing the work you give , so i lost track of the time.

29. I'm still learning the art of being on time , i need more training . 

30. The waiter accidentally spilled coffee on my shirt , so i need to change to the spare shirt i bring .You wouldn't want me to spoiled our company reputation in front of the client right ?   

Thanks for reading ,


  1. Jayren is always late because he's so busy thinking excuses and blogging...xD

  2. Eunice : haha ! No , that's not true . I'm always punctual one lo. =p

  3. I like number 26 xD I'm not late, I'm early for tomorrow. hahahahahahhaha!

  4. Priscilla: haha ! Glad you like it . Thanks ! =D

  5. You forgot to put, letting a bunch of baby mosquitoes crossing the road!!

  6. Xing : hahahahahaha ! Nice one ! I didn't thought of that. lol

  7. we will blame the whole world except ourselves. hahas! :P

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  8. How come some of the excuses seem to be made by the ang moh than us? lol. So lame

  9. Fish : haha , yes yes ! haha =D
    Sherrie : No woh , all i think and write 1 , only for Malaysia . Memang is lame excuse one ma . Hahaha XD

  10. spoil market already. haha

  11. Michleong : Haha , spoil what market ? =p

  12. wow. I can't believe I've never thought of these excuses! Thanks Jayren!!!


  13. Wow! What a great post for those who love to be late. They should read your blog to give a better reason next time.

  14. Nana : Haha , you are welcome ! =D
    Luporti : haha , thanks ! =D