Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Guy can be feminine girl too

Well , if you think the topic that i am writing is transgender or plastic surgery , then you are definitely wrong . The topic that i am going to blog today is how a real guy can be a feminine girl.  Nowadays , there's really a lot of guy that look like girl. Have you ever mistaken a guy as a girl ? If yes , that's not weird at all nowadays . Here's how i think a real guy can be a feminine girl .

1. Guy who scream and totally sound like a girl .
You see , there's really a lot of guy that scream and sound exactly like a girl . Some guy voice can be so soft and make them have the girlish sound .

2. Guy can gossip like a girl also
Who say only girl can gossip , guy can gossip too , and some guy even gossip , and sometime even better than a girl . Some guy are really good at those 'pat gua' celebrities gossip , they can gossip with their 'girl's friend' anytime .

3. Guy can love to be pretty as much as a girl
Aiyoyo , i tell you ah , some guy ah , they really love to be pretty until the extent that they love to be pretty more than a girl . They bring mirror everyday , they face the mirror a lot of time. They keep looking at their face whethere dirty or not ah , then keep check their hair whether their hair got messy or not ah . Sometime , they even keep ask and annoy their friend by asking , " eh , my face okay ah ? got dirty ah ? " , "Eh, my hair messy or not ? Nice hoh ? " . And they really ask a lot of times for the same question .

4. Guy can scared of hot sun like a girl .
Some guy always bring a towel . These guys scared of sweating , they scared to walk under the hot sun . They are the 'puteri lilin' type .

5. Guy can also bring handbag
There's no rules that only girl can have handbag , nowadays guy can own a handbag too .

6. Guy can wear like a girl too . 
Nowadays , guy can wear like a girl . They wear all those tight fitting clothes , and tight fitting pants , and call it a fashion . Skinny jean is never for girl only , guy can wear skinny jean too . 

7. Guy even beautiful than girl . 
Some guy are even beautiful than girl nowadays . 

He is a guy . Do you believe it ? 

8.  Guy also make up nowadays and become beautiful .
Well, guys nowadays make up too . After a guy make up , they may become even pretty than a girl . 

See , he so hot ! He so sexy ! 

9. Guy wear nail polish too , they can do pedicure and manicure too . 
Nail polish is no longer for girl only , guy can wear nail polish too ! They can go for pedicure and manicure too ! 

Awesome red nails there ! 

10. Guy can have long hair too . 
Guy can have long hair , and they are even beautiful than a girl . 

He is so hot ! 

11. Guy can PMS also !
Not only girl can PMS , guy can PMS too now ! Guy PMS is even worse than a girl PMS . They can emo for very long and they will want attention when they have PMS. They are not okay when they say they are okay.

Here's a funny video that show if guy were like girls ! Super funny !

Oh yea , i can be a feminine girl too ! 

Look at my flawless photo ! HAHA . Failed to be one i know . LOL

Lastly , i want to say that these guy look like girl , gay , or beautiful are a real guy too ! Okay , maybe not a man . But still , we shouldn't stereotype them too ! We shouldn't laugh at them ! We should respect them ! They are human too ! 

Random thought by JayrenTheZompire,
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  1. A guy's PMS is called IMS. Irritable Male Syndrome. hahaha or Irritable Man Syndrome. hahahah!

  2. guys who scream like girls are very common at my uni. often hear it around the male hostel ><

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  3. Fish : Yea , nowadays very common dy . =D