Saturday, 24 March 2012

Live a limitless life

There's never a limit in life . Everyone can do anything and everything in life . Never give up and have hope in life . Although everyone have a plan for life , but that doesn't mean that you can't change your life . If you fail one time in doing anything you like or you want to do , never give up , and try again and again , and one day you will be successful . If you always say you cant do that in life , then you cant , trust yourself , say you can and you sure can do it ! Nothing is impossible in life , give it a try , and you will be amazed ! Never try , never know , so why not give it a try !

 Life is never boring , in fact it is beautiful , it is how you see life . Life is full of surprises , there's many thing await you . There's something more for you . So , when somebody break your heart , cry a river , build a bridge and get it over , because somebody will be there soon after for you and he / she will  sew and mend your heart . There's no use to live in the past , we shall live happily now and believe that there are someone or something waiting for you to achieve and get it . 

Actually , everything is in our hand , we decide our own future , we decide to get what we want or what we want to do and we can control our own life . Don't just dream , but realized it . Never envy someone for having something that we don't have , we just need to work hard and earn it ourself . Great things come with effort . I believe that we will happy to get something we want by our own hard earned money . We should live our life everyday like there's no tomorrow , because life is unpredictable . We should be thankful for everyday we have . Time will never be limit for us , but is fear that limit us . So , just overcome your fear , and you will feel that there are no limit in our life . 

Never feel sad or give up when we fail on something , because it means nothing for those who are in hunger or got disabilities , if they have limit but yet they can make it  , there's nothing limit us , why we cant make it ?  Just tell yourself that you still have so many more days and have  so many thing more to discover and experience , this is just a small lesson in life . Believe that there's wont have success if you never failed before . Nothing come easily in life , but it will if you give it a try . Failure is not the end of your life , give up and never have hope or faith again will only be the end of your life . Money is never a limit in life , not everything can judge , valued , determined and bought with money . Money can't give you happiness , so if someone say you are poor , just ignored it as long as you are happy with your life . Life might change , they will be poor at anytime and you may be rich at anytime . But remember to be humble and still keep your values when you are rich .  

So , live your life to infinity , whatever impossible may become possible if you believe in it . Just give your life a chance to change and never limit your life , and you will see how beautiful is your life . 

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  1. Yea! Life will be a very wonderful one if we have dream and trying to move towards or dream.