Thursday, 8 March 2012

Nuffnang 5th Birthday Bash

On 27 February 2012 , i was invited to the Nuffnang 5th birthday bash at Neverland Club at K.L . Why 27 February? Because Nuffnang was born on 27 February 2007 , at 2pm. So, after i fetch my date for the night , Cayenne , and my friend , Jiayeen , off we go to Neverland club . We reach there at about 6pm . There were already Nuffnangers , nuffies , and churpers at there . We officially enter the Neverland club at about 6.30pm after we registered .

Few photograph at the backdrop after we registered .

From Left : Cayenne , Me , and Yeong Boon

From left : Jiayeen , me , and Cayenne

Then we sign at a special board and enter the event hall .

The crowd of Nuffnanger . Spot Elwyn. Haha

The beautiful stage
While waiting for the birthday bash to start , i took some photo with the Nuffnangers friend , nuffies , and the churp churp staff.

Me with Cayenne

Me with Jiayeen

Yeong Boon with me

Joel with me 

Me with Dylan 

Katherine and Simon Seow

Ernest with one of his bro 

Me with Kelvin Tan

Back : Isaac and Tony , Front : Iris  , Sherry , and me

Janice and Isaac

Me , Dustyhawk , and Isaac

Yeeing , Ryan , and me 

Me and Jackie

Me and JQ

Me with the first nice and lovely nuffies i know , Fresh aka Xin Xian

Me with  the second nice and lovely nuffies that i know , Anne Cheah

Me with the tall Elwyn

Me with Farah , the third nice and lovely nuffies that i know .

Jamieliew and me 

Me and Chutipond

From left : Isaac , Kenwooi , Kian Fai , and Vince

Me and Sher Lynn

Me and TianChad

Isaac , CWKen , and me 

Me and Caroline

Sky and Bendan

Audrey , Fourfeetnine with me . She is really a very friendly .

Yi Wern and TianChad

We all are bloggers ! 

At about 8pm , the event started . The night start with a robotic dance by Luke . 

Then , the emcee came out . Guess who is the emcee of the night ?

Is Phat Fabes 

Then the co-founder of Nuffnang , Timothy Tiah came out and give a speech.

Next was a video presentation of Nuffnang from 2007 until 2012 , where it was also a compilation of birthday wishes from Nuffnangers . 

Then , it was the time for the cake-cutting ceremony . 

Putting the candle on the cake 

Then , everyone sing Happy Birthday Song to Nuffnang.

Blowing the candle 

Cutting the cake ! Happy 5th Birthday Nuffnang !

The Nuffnang stickman pose

After that , is the dinner time ! Sorry , no picture taken as i was too hungry , so i just eat and eat and eat.

After dinner , took some photo again before the performance continued .

Cayenne , me , and Katherine

Me and Simon Seow

Me and the first and only nice and lovely Churp Churp Community Executive that i know , Mikhaela aka May Ying 

Me with all the bro's from Bro , * don't like that la *, Bro

After that was the performance by Figure It Out .

After the performance by Figure It Out , we have a game sesion called 'Charade' . Bendan and Iris volunteered themself up to the stage . They got to act out using sign language and let us guess what was the movie name . 

They both get a special edition tumbler by Nuffnang after they finish act out 10 movie names . And for every Nuffnangers who guess the movie name correctly , they won a Nuffnang T-Shirt and few limited edition tumbler by Nuffnang.

Then , come to the last game , where six people are asked to went up to the stage , which 1 of them is me . We are required to catwalk with a tissue paper on the head . Obviously i failed as i had a smooth head .LOL . And the three Nuffnanger who manage to went to the second round got to do a moonwalk and do a catwomen walk . 

Nuffnang 5th Birthday @ Neverland |
First round . Photo credit to TianChad 

The three Nuffnanger who manage to enter the second round , dustyhawk , Yeong Boon , and Jiayeen. Dustyhawk won the grand prize holiday package to Sipadan island . While Jiayeen and Yeong Boon both won a Panasonic Lumix Camera worth RM1999 and RM 1599.

No photo taken for the catwalk and moonwalk , but there's video on the internet . Go search for it yourself . 

Overall , it was a graeat night and a great Nuffnang 5th Birthday Celebration! Happy 5th Birthday once again Nuffnang ! 

Of course , here are the people i want to say thanks to . Without them , the birthday bash will not be so sucessful and awesome .

Thanks to all the wonderful and awesome nuffies , Churp Churp staff , and Nommies for the hard work organising the sucessful and awesome birthday bash ! 

And thanks for all the awesome free door gift ! 

I love you , Nuffnang !


  1. yor so jealous!!!! I wanted to attend but cant! :-(

  2. Nicccchang : aiyor , dont jealous la , next time come KL attend event la .Dont sad , sure got chance 1 , Nuffnang confirm still got birthday bash next year or next next year or in the following year 1 . =D

  3. so many happy faces there :D enjoyed so much eh

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