Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Swiss Garden Hotel Kuala Lumpur Bukit Bintang View Pent House

So , here's the second pent house that we get to visit and look around at Swiss Garden Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

The dining room 

A long mirror , good for camwhore eh . =D

The living hall

The Private balcony 

Here's some great scenery you can see from the private balcony :

The Bedroom 

Another bedroom 

The working station 

The Bathroom

Another Bathroom 

The big clothes shelf

Another living room 

Another bedroom 

Another bedroom 

Another big clothes cabinet

The pent house have 5 room , and it can fit ten person . The rent for a night is RM8,000. Overall , it was a nice pent house , it will be great place for a holiday getaway. 

Pent House Review by jayrenthezompire, 
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In case you forgot how i look like . Here's a most recent photo of me . 


  1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by! Can see u do quite a lot of review huh? Nice blog too! and the photos quality is damn good! :-)

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  3. nicccchang : Thanks for dropping by my blog too ! You are welcome ! and thanks for your compliment ! =D Well, my review post quite less dy compared to others , i prefer to blog more about my personal life post or some random post. Thanks for the compliment about my photo , i just use digital camera only , and i make sure my photo is nice after i took it . Your photo is nice and good quality too . You are a nuffnanger as well ? =D

  4. wow! cantikn-nya tempat ini! =P

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    Nicccchang : Hmm,next time if got any review that i know from other blogger , i ajak and invite you to do the review also la then. =D Yes , serious ! I dont have DSLR , got digital camera only . haha. Im a nuffnanger as well . And thanks for the follow back on twitter ! =D