Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Swiss Garden Hotel Kuala Lumpur KL View Pent House Review

Thanks to Swiss Garden Hotel Kuala Lumpur , on the same day as the food review at T@ste6 , we get to see the newly renovated pent house . THe pent house is located at the 33th floor , and it was really beautiful . Now let me show yout the first pent house , the KL view pent house .

The living room 

Living room and dining room 


Another living room with workstation table

Another bedroom 

The bedroom have huge TV and shelf

The Bathtub

Another Bedroom

Another Bedroom

The awesome toilet that have KL tower view 

Another toilet

Another bedroom 

The Kitchen

The view from the pent house 

The big shoe rack

The pent house have 5 room , and it can fit ten person . The rent for a night is RM8,000. Overall , it was a nice pent house , it will be great place for a holiday getaway. 

Pent House Review by jayrenthezompire, 
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  1. Swiss Garden hotel, always have high expectation towards it. :)

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  2. wow! what a nice pent house there! but quite costly though =X

  3. Haha.. my drea to get a penthouse like this..

  4. from the press release, it says it costs 8k per night >< probably that's the correct figure?

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