Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Why do most girls prefer bad guys?

Nowadays , we often see girls with bad guy in the society . Today , i'm going to tell you why most girls prefer bad guy in a guy perspective . 

1. He is so attractive ! 
Well, bad guys is always very attractive  and stand out of the crowd . Bad guys always care about their appearance . Bad guys always put effort on their appearance to attract girls . They are aware of their appearance always . Their good appearance always attract girl . 

2. He is so popular , he is so hard to get ! 
Well,most girls like challenging stuff , especially when they love a guy , and usually bad guy is popular , and a lot of girl love bad guy too . So , the girls will fight to get that bad guy . Girl like things that hard to get , they find it challenging . And when they finally get that guy , they feel that excitement of winning something. The girls feel satisfied that finally she own that bad guy . 

3. He is my hero !
Most of the girls have their own dream guy or hero in their heart . It may be superman , spiderman , batman or whatever man . And bad guy usually have the characteristic of being a hero . Bad guy is somehow manly and willing to do anything eventhough they need to break some laws .Bad guy willing to be a girl superman and protect them always . Girls also might be influence by movie scene where girls are always save by some bad guy when the girl are in danger.

4. He destress me !
Bad guys can also make a girl become someone totally different , because girls always do right thing based on their family or friend expectation , and bad guys can make good girls gone bad by  make her naughty or do something in a wrong way , and it will help the girl to release her stress after a busy day . The girl can be someone different with  less expectation when being with a bad guy . This make most girl feel that bad guy is interesting . Girl feel free being with bad guys because there are no rules at all with them . 

5. Being with him is so safe !
Girls love bad guy because bad guy always protect the girl that they love . Girl like being with bad guy , because nobody dare to bullies a bad guy girlfriend . Bad guy will always fight for their love , they will show what it takes to the people who bullies his girlfriend , thus girls feel safe with bad guy . 

6. He is so mysterious ! 
Bad guy is always mysterious , they will chase girls in a mysterious way . Bad guy is unpredicted , they wont say out a word so simply , they will twist and twist the word , a simple word and meaning can be complicated . To know a bad guy , a girl need to slowly peel off their skin layer by layer . As i say , girl love challenging and hard to get thing . They will feel curious about what the meaning that the bad guy said are and slowly try to understand the bad guy by peeling off their skin layer by layer , and at last they will fall in love with them . That's bad guy tactic to chase girl .

7. I want to change him !
A bad guy is a project for girls , girl believe that bad guy can be changed to good guy . Girl want to fix the bad guy and help him grow up , and when the bad guy become good guy after being with her , she will feel the achievement . 

8. He is so playful ! 
Bad guy is always playful . They always act childish and always being playful and tease the girl that they love . They will try every way to catch the girl attention . They will even do things that girl don't like to make the girl hate them . They will purposely mean to the girl that they love. Girls being girl , although they hate bad guy , but they will miss the bad guy teasing  always . They are used to the teasing and the bad thing that bad guy do . Girls love bad guy meanness as they feel that bad guy are different . Bad guy meanness form their special and unique characteristic. 

9. He so confident !
Bad guy is always confident , they got their own thinking , they know what they want , they think that they are right , and they don't care what other people say or think about them . Girl love guy that have their own thinking .

10. He too strong , i can't control him !
Bad guy have great power . They are strong and they will never let anyone control them . They do what they like , they go where they like to , no want can answer for them.. Girls feel like they can be a small girl in a strong guy heart . Girl like this manly behaviour of bad guy .

11. Bad guy is fearless and fast ! 
Bad guy never scared of anything including rejection . They are daring and often confess faster , they never scared if the girl that she love will reject them , because bad guy will try and try and try a lot of time to win the girl heart . 

12 . He so funny ! 
Bad guy is always hillarious and lame . They are always good with cold jokes and lame jokes . They make girl alive with their humour . We all know that girl always love humorous guy .  

13. He so cool !
Bad guy is always cool with their cool black sunglasses on , their special tattoo , and a lot of  piercing . Their coolness often attract girls . 

14.He hold on to his promise !  
Bad guy always hold on to their promise. They will do what they promise to people . 

15. She so hard to get , i want to get her ! 
Bad guy will always try hard to get good girl , they find it challenging to do so .

16 . i like the attention ! 
Bad guy is always the gossip or topic when girls chat . So if their boyfriend which are a bad guy being talked and discussed , she feel that she is in the limelight , she is in the attraction . Girls like attention , some girls are attention seeker . 

17 . I wont feel so guilty if i don't love him that much ! 
Good girls will feel less guilty if they dont love their bad guy boyfriend . This is because bad guy will not love a girl too much and too deep compared to a nice guy . 

18. He can flirt ! 
Bad guy can really flirt , and most of the girl somehow like to flirt with guys . They feel that nice guys is dull and dont know how to flirt . 

19. I need skill to be with him ! 
Girls need skill to keep their bad guy boyfriend . Bad guy have different routine everyday , and girls need to learn them and equip  a lot of different skill to keep and own a bad guy . 

20. He's not a loser ! 
Bad guy got gut and always want to win in everything they do . They have their own ego and proud of what they do . Somehow , girl dont like loser and small gut guys . 

All these interesting characteristic makes most of the girl prefer bad guys . 

All these is my personal analysis and personal opinion . You guys can suggest too if you all got any opinion . 

Lastly , bad guy are not safe , they can dump any girl anytime when that girl did not keep him happy anymore . So , girls , beware and be careful.

Random thought by jayrenthezompire . 
Thanks for reading .


  1. ermmm. LOL. dont think every girl like a bad guy. we like a guy who make us a better girl. :-DD And hating ppl with tattoo. not cool at all. =.=

  2. hmm... wat u said is true... :( no one appreciate good guy like me XD

  3. nice guys can have such traits too..
    but what, that makes nice guys.. the bad guys! :P

  4. can't believe you can crap that much on this.. ahhahah i'm impressed... well, let me think of other topic yea :) haha

  5. Nicccchang : Yea , that's why i say most of the girl . But bad guy also can make a girl better 1 woh . =p Yeah , i hate people with tattoo too . lol .

    Simon : same , no one appreciate a good guy like me too. =0

    Kenwooi : haha ! Totally agree ! True that ! =D

    Cassy : Thanks for your compliment ! Yes , let me know if you think of any other interesting topic ya . =D

  6. For film purpose, yes.
    For real life, no.

    That's me at least. :D

  7. wow, bro you sound like been defeated by a bad guy for love. =p

    anyway, bad guy attracted bad girl, good guy attracted good girl. ;)
    so, just keep waiting for the good one to come. cheers!

  8. 15. She so hard to get , i want to get her !
    Bad girl will always try hard to get good girl , they find it challenging to do so .

    Apasal tetiba got girl chasing girl here? Aiyo...

  9. Henry Tan : Haha , no la , just some random thought . Yes , keep waiting. =D

    Merryn : Typo la , lol . Edited dy . =D

    Daphiexn : Good good . =D

  10. That is such a long list...

    I was told if we have low self-esteem, we attract people with low self-esteem.

    Those who act tough may be low in self-esteem too actually. Heheheheheh