Friday, 20 April 2012

Gala Premiere of Twisted Love 撞鬼 2012

Thanks to mm2 entertainment , i had been invited to the Gala Premiere of Twisted Love 撞鬼 on yesterday night at Cathay Cineplex , e@curve.

I reach there at 8pm and there's some food for us .

The food 

The cocktail area 

The Stage

At 8.30pm , the red carpet session start . 

The Emcee from 8TV

The director and the cast of the movie. From Left : Alvin Wong 王骏,Joey Leong 梁祖仪,  Candy Ice 林冰冰 ,and the director , Chai Yee Wei 蔡於位

The full cast and the director . From Left : Joey Leong 梁祖仪, Mimi Zhu 朱咪咪 , Mark Lee 李国煌, Alvin Wong 王骏,  Candy Ice 林冰冰, Chai Yee Wei 蔡於位

The full cast and the director signing the backdrop

At 9pm , we went in to the cinema hall to watch the movie screening.

Twisted is the latest horror action comedy from Writer Director Chai Yee Wei. The story revolves around a drug dealer who banged up a young girl, a pair of con men who wants to turn over a new leaf, and 4 cabin crews whose lives were turned upside down over a fateful night of drugs and booze. This is a story of individuals with fates intertwined and how their paths clash. A series of twisted events that is both a study on cause and effect, and how our actions affect the people around us. Starring familiar actors from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, this film is a collaboration of some of the best comedic and acting talents from around this region.

《撞鬼》是 新加坡导演蔡于位的最新作品,这部恐怖动作喜剧所有故事题材皆取自发生在东南亚国家的真人真事。电影由3个故事相互穿插而成,一个毒贩与一年轻女子        偷尝禁果后惹出人命;两个欲改过自新的骗子,却阴差阳错陷入了一场杀身之祸;因为一个酒精毒品药物作祟的夜晚,四个航空客舱人员为了一个又一个盖不住的谎     言而酿成大错。在这一系列互不相关的人物中,他们命运交错和​​厄运,似乎超越了恶魔的影响。导演蔡于位把“阿源”,一个来自东南亚的新加坡人,来呈现“现代恶魔”一角,一个粗野无教养,但又风趣和独特迷人的个性。这部电影讲述一连串看似相连又不相干的人事物,因为身边所有连锁反应,扭转了周遭一系列纠缠不清的命运交错,每一个起因变化,都会导致不一样的结局。

My Personal Review 
The movie is entertaining , super hillarious , and not scary at all for me . Only the sound effect will scared you . I enjoy watching this movie . I will definitely reccommend this movie to everyone to watch . This movie is really worth to watch . Remember to go watch this movie at cinema on 26 April 2012 ! 

Movie Review by JayrenTheZompire , 
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