Saturday, 7 April 2012

It's the time of the semester again

Yes ! It's my final exam next week , start on saturday , 14 April until 18 April , then i will have one month holiday ! So i got to study hard , therefore i will abandoned my blog for one week . Afterall , my studies always come first . I promise that i will blog more after my exam . Sekian terima kasih . 

Thanks for reading my short post ,sorry for wasting your time. Teehee.


  1. i want a refund in time!! good luck in ur exams!!

  2. haha good luck and all the best! ;)

  3. Xing : Haha ! Sorry , no refund .=p Thanks for your wish ! Good luck to you too ! =D

    Henry Tan : Thanks a lot ! =D

    Jessie : Thanks a lot ! =D