Friday, 20 April 2012

Marvel's The Avengers

The new superhero that i would want to create for the new member for The Avenger's team is 


With JayrenTheZompire joining The Avenger's team , he really can help in saving the world with all the superhero. He doesn't need weapon . He just do what he do best , what vampire and what zombie do best . He is a zombie + vampire . He just need to use his mouth to attack his enemy . He always crave for fresh blood and fresh human flesh , so it is an advantage for him to join the Avenger's team , as he can bite and infect all the enemy and make them zombie , and then they will together join The Avenger's team and The Avenger's team will be more powerful .  As he is a vampire as well , he got his sharp fang to attack the enemy , he will suck all the enemy blood and make them a vampire as well . He cannot die and can't be harm by any weapon because his wound will heal very fast by itself. He is very sensitive as well , he can sense and smell every human body blood and fresh human flesh from very far distance . So , no one will be able to escape from him , JayrenTheZompire. He also can heal others by using his vampire power , so he can heal his team mate in The Avenger's team . Is always great to have JayrenTheZompire in The Avenger's team , as he bite , he rescue , he is immortal and he have the power to eternity . With great fangs , come great power to suck blood, that is JayrenTheZompire , the new superhero for the Avenger's team . 

Note: This is a contest post for Nuffnang Premiere Screening -The Avengers

Can't wait to watch The Avengers !

Written by JayrenTheZompire , 
Thanks for reading ! 


  1. eh... more like a new monster for Loki's team!! :P

  2. Ken Wooi : Lol . who is Loki ? =D

  3. woots woots! ZOMPIRE eh?? Cool cool! :)

  4. Jayren! U dunno who is loki? LOL and U must be didn't watch Thor lol!

    nice power dude! LOL reminds me of Katekyo Hitman Reborn

  5. Kian Fai : Haha , yes , i really didn't watch Thor .XD Thanks ! =D