Sunday, 22 April 2012

My All Time Favourite Old School Games

Here's my top 10 favourite old school games . 

1. The Flying Plate game 

I always enjoy playing this game . It's fun ! 

2. Classic Tetris 

I still remember i play this game on my gameboy and Nokia 3310 phone last time . It is addictive yo ! I still play it now on facebook . 

3. Classic Snake Game 

I still remember i used to always play this game on my Nokia 3310 phone . It was an addictive game . I still play this game now at Youtube while waiting for the video to load. 

4. The paper aeroplane game 

I always enjoy making a paper aeroplane , and there are a lot of design of aeroplane we used to fold and play . We always compare our paper aeroplane design and see how far it can fly . It was a fun game yo . 

5. Snake and Ladder game 

You may think that this game is easy , but no , 1 wrong step and you will be back to the starting point . And there's a lot of trap yo . Still 1 of my favourite game until now . 

6. The Aeroplane Game

I enjoy playing this game as it is challenging , it is not easy to move all four aeroplane to their landing point . Especially when you reaching but because of the dice , you got to move forward and back . And it's not easy to get six to get out of the starting point . 

7. Pick stick game 

This game is a challenging game , you must take the stick without touching other stick . I love playing this game . 

8. Memory Card Game 

This is another addictive game , it's fun to find two same card . 

9. UNO Game 

I believe everyone like this game right ? haha 

10. The Donkey card game 

Who still remember this game ? I do . Haha

But sadly with the high technology now , a lot of people will not play these old school game , or maybe don't even know all these games .  

There are actually a lot of other old school games , and trust me , all these old school game are more fun than all the new internet game nowadays . 

Written by JayrenTheZompire,
Thanks for reading . 


  1. i like nothing u like. lol!!! no offense !!!xD

  2. haha! my fav is the classic tetris and also the uno game! love it! :D

  3. Eunice : haha , means you not my generasi . =p

    Xue Ren : haha , awesome ! =D