Friday, 20 April 2012

Why do I want to excite my senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV?

I still remember back then during the 80's , there were no 3D movie or 3D TV yet , all the movie is in 2D and the TV i have is the normal and heavy basic colour television. My first encounter with 3D is when i watch the 3D motion master movie at Genting Highland indoor theme park. The experience is really awesome , i can really feel the stories of the movie , i can also feel the character of the movie itself . 

The first 3D movie that i watch was Avatars , and the 3D effect is really awesome and it make the movie so real .

But with the High technology now , i can have the 3D TV to enjoy watching all the movie with 3D cinematic view at home . Introducing the new LG Cinema 3D Smart TV.

By having this 3D TV , watching drama and movie will be never that bored again , i can touch and feel the character of the movie .

Feel dizzy after looking at this photo ? This is if you watch it with a 2D TV , but with this LG 3D Cinema Smart TV,i will be able to touch and feel the hot girl and hot car just in front of you. Hot car and hot girl , that's every guy dream .

Oh yea , with the LG 3D Cinema Smart TV , i can also have my idol , Avril Lavigne sing live in front of me . Imagine she singing love song just for me , that's VIP treatment yo , not everyone can experience it .

Sexy right ? with the LG 3D Cinema Smart TV , i can sing together with her , i can dance with her , i can even hug her . That's every fans dream . My dream can be realized finally . 

With this LG 3D Cinema Smart TV , i also can feel the pain .

Imagine being hit by the ball , ouch , that's pain , and there's excitement to catch the ball too . 

Or imagine myself being point by few gun at my face . 

I can really feel my adrenaline rush and excitement , i will wonder what will happen if they pull the trigger and shoot my face? 

Or how about grabbing some 3D food to eat , it will be so real that i want to eat it ! 

Every impossible thing will become possible with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV ! 

And the best of it is you can enjoy all this at your own comfortable living room at home just with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV ! 

I am so excited and can't wait to experience the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV! 

Written by JayrenTheZompire , 
Thanks for reading !