Monday, 28 May 2012

I am a limited edition

 If you know me well , you would know that i born with a smaller left eyes than right eyes .

Notice it ? 

Other than that , i have a very small ear too . 

Notice it ? 

But i don't see it as an imperfection , no one is perfect after all . I see it as a limited edition , after all , not everyone can have it . I am who i am , and that's all i will ever be . This small difference make me unique . 

Some time is the way how you see a thing that makes the difference. Why choose to be negative when you can be positive. I choose to be positive and live my life happily . How about you ?   

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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Current Life

I finally blog ! Sorry for neglecting my blog for 2 weeks , i just dont know what to blog sometime . Anyway , back to my topic , i'm currently having my second last semester which are a short semester . I always thought that i will be super busy during short semester , yet i don't know why , but i still quite free and doesn't feel stress yet . But for sure begin next week i will start feeling the stress , because i starting my thesis next semester . Talk about my thesis , i feel so glad that my thesis supervisor is the lecturer that i propose , Mr. Azmir , at least i can communicate with him , and he is quite a good and experienced lecturer . Can't wait to start and finish my thesis . But i don't like the new rule set by my university department, which are we have a presentation for our thesis . But if i finish my thesis this semester , i doesn't need to present , which i may challenged myself to finish thesis in 7 weeks if possible .So , i will take a break from attending event as i want to concentrate on my studies . I will still blog once in a while . I cant wait to see the status of "completion of study " . Oh yea , i will have my internship right after this semester final exam , and will have my final semester right after my internship , hope that i can cope with it . Good luck to everyone who taking thesis and internship this semester ! 

So yeah , that's my current life , it will be all about studies . 

By the way , i found out that i look the same all this while when i look back at my photo . 

What do you think ? 

Just in case you forgot how i look , here's the latest me . 

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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Guiness World Record Breaking Charity Event by Ace Youth ( The Event )

On yesterday night , 12 May 2012 , i attended the Guiness World Record Breaking Charity Event by Ace Youth at SMK (P) Sri Aman school field . 

SMK (P) Sri Aman 

The Banner 

The Stage 

Guiness World Record Breaking Charity Event started at 8.30pm with performances and opening speeches.

The Emcee 

Performance by Joe 

Speeches by Alumni of SMK Sri Aman

Speeches by  Ace Youth founder , Shen Yee Aun

Speeches by TGF Founder ,Tenesh

Next was the launching ceremony . 

The event launched after few balloon burst 

Leng Yein with Mean Machines Model

The night continue with a few more performances .

 Performance by Liana Grace

Guitar Performance by Yamaha student

A sensational salsa performance by Salsa Blaze

Performance by Jenna Gong

Performance by Leng Yein and Nelson

At 10.30pm , the highlight of the event , Bolly World Breaking Record Event Dance happened . 

Here's the video .

The night ended with lucky draw session . 

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Guiness World Record Breaking Charity Event by Ace Youth ( Pre Event Post )

Do you love to do charity ? i love to do charity , i like to help people in need as long as i able to help them . 

On this coming saturday ( 12 May 2012 ) , at 7.30pm until 11.30pm, ACE YOUTH, Taman Gembira Foundation and Alumni Sri Aman will be organizing a Guinness World Record Breaking Charity Event at Sri Aman PJ School Field. 

This event is a global charity event .This event will also be held in Malaysia, New Zealand, Captown, Edinburgh (a prison), Katmandu, London and Manipal India.

The event need at least 4500 people to create a Guinness World Record Breaking attempt for the largest multi-site Bollywood dance event which are the BollyforCharity.

This is the dance step , the dance step is easy , just dance to create a Guiness World Record ! 

This event target to raise RM10,000 for the donation for Handicapped and Disabled Children's Association of Klang Selangor & Agathians Shelter, PJ. Thus , every participant is encouraged to donate RM10. I'm sure everyone afford to donate RM10 right ? It's may be just a small amount , but this RM10 means a lot to the Handicapped and Disabled Children's Association of Klang Selangor & Agathians Shelter, PJ. It will provide them a better living .

Besides doing charity , there will be performances from the model and celebrities such as Leng Yein, Jenna Gong, Joe Kim Rock Band,  Liana Grace (semi-finalist of Astro Vaanavil Talent Quest),  Sri Aman Orchestra and Salsa Blaze.

This event is open to everyone ! I will be there , so come join me to do charity ! It will definitely be a fun night for everyone ! We should always help all the people in need and contribute to the society ! 

For more detail , you can go to their FB event page,

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Dark Shadows(2012)

Thanks to Nuffnang G+ , i get to watch Dark Shadows on yesterday at TGV Sunway Pyramid .

An imprisoned vampire, Barnabas Collins, is set free and returns to his ancestral home, where his dysfunctional descendants are in need of his protection.

My Personal Review
The movie is funny , hillarious and creative .This movie is a movie worth to watch . 

Movie Review by JayrenTheZompire , 

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Gala Premiere of Din Tao 阵 头 (2012)

Thanks to Yuberactive , i get to attend the Gala Premiere of Din Tao 阵头 at Pavillion on yesterday night . 

The event started with a drum performance at 7.30pm at Pavillion Bukit Bintang Entrance .

Emcee for the night : 988 DJ : YinYin 盈盈

Before the drum performance , there were a short game session to win Gala Premiere of Din Tao 阵 头 ticket .

Next , the drum performance begin . 

Here's a video of the drum performance by the drummer . 

At about 7.40pm , the actor , actress and the director of the movie reached Pavillion.

From left : 冯凯 (Director) , Alan Kuo 柯有伦 (Main Actor) ,Crystal Lin 林雨宣 ( Main Actress )

Alan Kuo柯有伦 and Crystal Lin 林雨宣 also join in and played the drum with the drummer . 

Here's a video of the drum performance by Alan Kuo柯有伦 and Crystal Lin 林雨宣 with the drummer . 

A group photo before they went up for the Gala Premiere . From left :  Alan Kuo柯有伦 , 冯凯 , Crystal Lin 林雨宣 

After that , i went up to the GSC Pavillion cinema to wait for the red carpet event . 

The Stage 

Thanks to Taiwan Recipe for sponsor the movie , we get to drink a cup of Taiwan Recipe Pearl Milk Tea . 

While waiting for the red carpet event to start , i took a photo with the beautiful and friendly emcee , 988 DJ : YinYin 盈盈

At 8.30pm , the red carpet event started . 

The emcee , 988 DJ : YinYin 盈盈

From left : Alan Kuo柯有伦 , Crystal Lin 林雨宣 and 冯凯

From left : Alan Kuo柯有伦 , Crystal Lin 林雨宣 ,冯凯, and the emcee.

From left : Alan Kuo柯有伦 , Crystal Lin 林雨宣 ,冯凯, and the emcee.

From left : Alan Kuo柯有伦 , Crystal Lin 林雨宣 ,冯凯, and the emcee.

From left : Alan Kuo柯有伦 , Crystal Lin 林雨宣 ,冯凯, and the five lucky contest winner

From left : Alan Kuo柯有伦 , Crystal Lin 林雨宣 ,冯凯, and the movie sponsors 

At 9pm , we went in to watch the movie . 

导演 Director:冯凯 Kai Feng
演员 Actor:
 Alan Kuo 柯有伦,黄鸿升 Hung-Sheng Huang,林雨宣 Yuxuan Lin,刘品言 Esther,廖峻 Jun Liao,陈博正 Bok Jing Chan,李李仁 Liren Li.陶晶莹 Jingying Tao,柯淑勤 Shu-qin Ke,郑志伟 Zhi-wei Zheng,吴勇滨 Yong Bing Wu。



Ah-Tai (Alan Kuo) was born and raised in one of Taichung’s most notable Din-Tao troupes. His father (Chen Bo Zheng) had deemed him a good-for-nothing since his childhood days. Ah-Tai’s rebellious streak had strained their father-son relationship as such. With a stroke of chance, Ah-Tai is unintentionally appointed the leader of the troupe. This resulted in suspicions and distrust arising from both troupe members and the rival troupe led by Ah-Xian (Alien Huang). Ah-Tai decides to prove his worth by embarking on a performance journey across Taiwan with his young troupe members. This coming-of-age tale hopes to ignite the waning interests of Din Tao traditions through one man’s vision and the value of family bonds.

My Personal Review 

阵头也许对我们马来西亚人不熟悉因为它是台湾的一种文化,但是你看了阵头这部戏,你就会明白阵头了。阵头是一部很好笑,温馨,充满活力以及感动人心的戏。从阵头这部戏,我学到的是团结就是力量,只要有恒心以及不放弃,我们一定会成功的。阵头这部戏的主要语言是福建,而且几个时常演台湾福建戏的资深演员也有参与这部戏 ,让这部戏更值得看。还有这部戏是真人真事噢。想要知道一个被看低的阵头团体如何变成一个成功的阵头团体吗?想要知道一个从不被父亲认同的儿子如何让他的父亲骄傲吗?想要知道两个视对方为敌人的阵头团体如何和好吗?那就一定要去看阵头了!阵头将在5月17号全国电影院上映。相信我,阵头真的是一部很值得观赏的戏!记得去看哦!

Din Tao maybe seems unfamiliar to Malaysian as it is a type of 
Taiwan culture , but after you watch the movie , Din Tao , i am sure you will understand what is Din Tao . Din Tao is a hillarious , heartwarming and touching movie . From this movie , i learned that unity is power , an if we nevr give up , we will success . This movie main language is Hokkien , there are a few experienced actor who always act in Taiwanese Hokkien drama acted in this movie , making it a plus point that this movie is worth to watch . This movie is based on true story yo. Want to know how a Din Tao team who always look down by other Din Tao became a sucessful team at last? Want to know how a son who always been look down by his father finally make his father proud ? Want to know how two enemy Din Tao team finally became friend again ? Then you must not miss Din Tao . Din Tao will be up in all the cinema in Malaysia on 17 May 2012 . Din Tao is really a movie that very worth to watch ! So , remember to go watch Din Tao ya ! 

Movie Review by jayrenthezompire , 
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Friday, 4 May 2012


Ever heard of GeorgPeck  ? If you answer is never , it's okay , as GeorgPeck  is still quite new in Malaysia . GeorgPeck  is a healthy drink shop from Taiwan . Why GeorgPeck  ? Georg is the name of the boss , the person who establish and open this drink shop , Peck means a gentle kiss , Georg believe in life that we should kiss a natural and healthy drink to awake our lame and unenergized brain to enjoy and satisfy our daily life .

With a dream , Georg open Peck Coffee Shop at Taiwan on the year 2007 . GeorgPeck  born on the year 2010 at Taiwan and it became a brand . On the year 2012 , GeorgPeck enter Malaysia market and the first GeorgPeck  had been open at Sunway Pyramid .  

GeorgPeck emphasized their product quality , every ingredient for their product are imported from Taiwan . Only the fresh fruit are imported from Cameron Highland . 

GeorgPeck use South Africa  high class coffee bean to brew their coffee.

Thanks to Ivy , i get to try GeorgPeck with another few blogger on yesterday night . Below were the drink we tried . 

This drink is delicious , definitely a good choice for chocalate lover . 

This is a very refreshing drink , it definitely quench your thirst . The passion fruit taste is strong , mixed up with green tea , the taste is just awesome . 

A sweet and sour drink , with strong honey taste that help soothe your throat , this is definitely a good choice of drinks during a hot day.

Fresh juice made from fresh fruit , definitely a healthy drink for everyone . 

This is definitely a must try drink , the strong taste of tomato is really special and tasty . Drink this , and you will instantly feel healthy .  

A healthy tea with passion fruit , another tasty drink . 

Those who love coffee and cappuccino will definitely love to drink this , the coffee taste is strong and tasty .

This drink is a bit too creamy for me but it taste nice .

This is the bestseller , this is another must try drink . The plum taste is nice , sweet and sour . It is not that sour as the plum had cover up the lemon taste . 

This drink had a strong mocha taste , a great choice for mocha lover.

This is another must try drink , the chocalate used is dark chocalate , the taste is bitter yet tasty . This is really a special drink . It taste similar to Vico . 

The Taro Yam taste is just nice , not too sweet , it is so delicious . 

The pearl is imported from Taiwan . This is their signature milk tea , it is not too sweet , just nice and the right taste for everyone . The quantity of pearl and the drink is same as well, so , you can slowly eat the pearl and enjoy the milk tea . 

This drink is too milky for me , but for those who like milky stuff , this drink is definitely for you . 

For me , this drink taste a bit weird , but it is another bestseller , so go try it and judge it yourself .

For all the drink , you can choose your own sugar option and ice option . And you can add RM1 to add extra ingredient like Pearl , Coconut Jelly , Pudding , Grass Jelly , Aiyu , Aloe Vera , and Red Bean.

There's cooler bag sold at RM15.90 for one at GeorgPeck too , it can keep your drink cold for 2 hours . If you buy 2 GeorgPeck drink , you can buy the cooler bag at RM9.90 .

The friendly owner - Red Ong and Jessie Lee

The blogger with the owner

Are you Peck ? Faster head to GeorgPeck at F1.AV135 , Asian Avenue , Sunway Pyramid to try their healthy drinks . GeorgPeck is not your normal milk tea , it is a truly healthy and refreshing drink .  Let's cheer ! Yum Seng ! 

Beverages review by Jayren The Zompire , 
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